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When antitrust regulation can backfire

With the Google antitrust trial well underway, and an Amazon suit soon to follow, Riitta Katila, a professor of management science and engineering, discusses the impacts of anti-competition regulation on innovation.

Stanford explainer: Semiconductors

A Q&A with engineer Srabanti Chowdhury on what semiconductors are, why they are so important in our lives, and the vast potential of what could come next in this global and interdisciplinary industry.

Why are workers striking now?

Falling wages and unequal earnings distribution are among the reasons workers are striking, says Stanford economics professor.

Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law —

Dialogue across differences

What would Americans think about issues like voting protections and Supreme Court reform if they could thoughtfully discuss and weigh the options?

Oppenheimer and the pursuit of nuclear disarmament

What the film Oppenheimer got right – and missed – about creating the world’s first atomic bomb. “I think there’s a broader tragedy that came out less clearly: the political tragedy of the nuclear arms race.”