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Stanford Health Policy —

New technologies aid the fight against human trafficking

An AI-powered database could help Brazilian authorities locate labor camps in the Amazon rainforest where hundreds of thousands of people are held in conditions of modern slavery.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Rethinking social media’s role in polarization

An unusual research collaboration between more than 25 academics and the platform Meta tracked tens of thousands of Facebook and Instagram users during the 2020 election cycle. Their surprising finding? Altering users’ feeds didn’t significantly affect their political attitudes.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Public speaking on the fly

Improv theater experts Dan Klein and Adam Tobin share their tips for keeping your cool in spur-of-the-moment speaking situations on this episode of Think Fast, Talk Smart.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How to think like a venture capitalist

Stanford GSB Professor Ilya Strebulaev and his team talked to nearly 900 venture capitalists and discovered lessons for us all about the importance of keeping an open mind and doing your research.

Stanford Cyber Policy Center —

YouTube rarely sends users down extremist rabbit holes

YouTube seldom recommends extreme or hateful content to those who aren’t looking for it, a new study finds. But the platform can still help extremist channels build audiences.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

What Congress can do to support wildland firefighters

Wildland firefighters are overworked, underpaid, and unprepared, according to a new white paper. The authors explain how Congress can support these essential frontline workers.

Stanford Engineering —

Treating mental health in the context of faith

Rania Awaad, who studies mental health in U.S. Muslim communities, says Islamic approaches offer lessons that can be applied in other religious and spiritual communities.

Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions —

What can be done to improve scholarly exchange with China?

Academics on both sides of the Pacific agree there’s an urgent need for leaders in the two countries to define which topic areas pose national security concerns, and which do not.