Social Sciences

Students in government

The student-led Stanford in Government program offers fellowship opportunities to those interested in public administration and policy. Stanford News spoke with two students to learn about their summer government jobs.

The inequalities of prenatal stress

Stanford sociologist Florencia Torche found that economically disadvantaged children prenatally exposed to an environmental stressor had much lower cognitive abilities than their counterparts who didn't experience the stress.

Graduate School of Business —

Car 3.0? A robot with wheels

With artificial intelligence playing such a large role in self-driving cars, the vehicle of the futures will be able to anticipate your music choices or find destinations for you. The CEO of Nio U.S. explains that these cars will be built on software.

Stanford scholar explores pros, cons of ‘basic income’

Stanford historian Jennifer Burns said that while political challenges exist to implement a “universal basic income,” this type of measure would protect workers and families against the fluidity of today’s workplace and employment worlds.

Graduate School of Business —

Helping Latino businesses keep pace

The Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative is amassing a huge database and network to nourish the fast-growing sector.

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What the pros know about public speaking

Can anxiety be good for you? How do I start and end my talk? Graduate School of Business Lecturer Matt Abrahams shares what he knows about crafting meaningful presentations that make lasting impressions.

Why women stay behind the scenes at work

Avoiding backlash, feeling authentic and balancing work with family responsibilities are reasons women shared with Stanford researchers about why they opt to work on the sidelines.

Warming temperatures linked to increased suicide rates

By comparing historical temperature and suicide data, researchers found a strong correlation between warm weather and increased suicides. They estimate climate change could lead to suicide rate increases across the U.S. and Mexico.