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Hoover Institution —

Polarization and public opinion

Scholars and policy leaders addressed how to restore trust in Congress, the military, and more at a conference hosted by the Center for Revitalizing American Institutions.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Most people don’t understand how money works

Stanford economist Annamaria Lusardi makes the case that personal finance education is as important as learning to read and write.

Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law —

Identity, democracy, and justice

A new research initiative led by Hakeem Jefferson will explore the role identity plays in the development of fair societies.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

The power of ‘critical ignoring’

As more states move to require media literacy in schools, Sam Wineburg’s new book breaks down strategies for assessing online content.

Hoover Institution —

America’s crisis of confidence

How the Hoover Institution’s new Center for Revitalizing American Institutions is addressing the erosion of public trust.

Big cities foster economic segregation

Cellphone data show that most people in big cities do not interact with others outside their own socioeconomic bracket, but locating meeting places between neighborhoods could help change that.

STANFORD magazine —

Policing for the people

Political science Professor Beatriz Magaloni can tell you which criminal justice reforms make communities safer in Mexico and beyond.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Learn to love small talk

Stanford GSB’s Matt Abrams has tips for making holiday party chit-chat less awkward, including how to begin and end a conversation gracefully.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

How master players choose their openings

Researchers applied population and statistical models to millions of chess games and found that cultural biases influence players’ moves.

Stanford Emerging Technology Review —

‘A remarkable collaboration’

University leaders and tech experts celebrated the launch of an initiative dedicated to helping policymakers understand the implications of emerging technologies.