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What is the Electoral College, anyway?

Understanding what Congress was doing the day the Capitol was attacked by an angry mob on Jan. 6, 2021, is an opportunity to think about the purpose of the Electoral College – the “peculiar and much-criticized” method the United States uses to select its president, says Stanford historian Jonathan Geinapp.

Stanford study shows benefits to reinventing 911 responses

As cities test different approaches to handling 911 calls, a new study shows dispatching mental health specialists for nonviolent emergencies can be beneficial. In Denver, it reduced reports of less serious crimes and lowered response costs.

Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health —

Ensuring a trauma-informed approach to accountability for crimes

Stanford’s Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program recently partnered with UNITAD to develop a guide to investigating crimes by terrorist organizations that outlines trauma-informed approaches to working with witnesses and survivors.

Overturning immigration myths

In a new book, Ran Abramitzky and his co-author trace millions of immigrant lives to understand how they – and their children – thrived in the United States.