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Understanding protests in Iran

Abbas Milani, founding director of Stanford’s Iranian Studies Program, discusses how the most recent protests sweeping cities and villages across Iran are part of an enduring fight to advance women’s rights and equality.

The real strength of weak ties

A team of Stanford, MIT, and Harvard scientists finds “weaker ties” are more beneficial for job seekers on LinkedIn.

STANFORD magazine —

Throwing out the rule book

Pull up a chair, sports fans. The past century’s paradigm – in which student-athletes compete in exchange for an education – is being upended. And where the ball will land is anyone’s guess.

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Helping women stick with STEM

A virtual program that focused on interpersonal skills such as negotiation, influencing coworkers, and networking boosted job satisfaction for women starting off in science and technology jobs.

What causes inflation?

Monetary policy is a major cause of the increase in inflation, says Stanford economist John Taylor.