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Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Gossipers have the edge

Talking about people behind their backs can spread useful information and motivate others to cooperate with you – but only if your information is accurate.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

What causes conformity

The authors of a seminal paper on how corporations become more uniform over time take aim at academia.

Stanford Engineering —

Market design without borders

A new interdisciplinary center hopes to clear the logistical hurdles to coordinating kidney exchanges internationally.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Medical debt relief doesn’t always work

Buying and forgiving medical debts in collections is thought to be a scalable way to help people in need, but new research suggests those efforts may be happening too late to make a difference.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Economic report draws on work of SIEPR scholars

President Biden’s assessment of the nation’s economic health delves into key issues including AI and the transition to clean energy, informed by Stanford research.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How to avoid a conflict spiral

Disagreement doesn’t have to involve negative emotions, says Julia Minson. Simply stating your desire to hear the other person’s perspective can help keep things cool.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

When cultural norms conflict in college advising

Stanford scholar Emily Schell identified “culturally mismatched” behaviors between undergraduates and advisors, along with more supportive approaches.