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Explaining the issues between the U.S., China, and Taiwan

In this explainer, Stanford scholar Oriana Skylar Mastro offers a brief history of the China and Taiwan dispute, the evolution of U.S. diplomacy in the region, and what signal Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit sends.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Online therapy for autism

In this episode of School’s In, Grace Gengoux, director of the Autism Intervention Clinic at Stanford, talks about the surprise benefits of moving their program online during the pandemic.

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence —

How have attitudes toward U.S. immigration changed?

Using AI, scholars track political speech on immigration over decades to find more positive attitudes than at any point in history, but with more partisan divide.

Examining obstacles to gender equality

Stanford scholars have studied the obstacles women face across society – at work, in education, as leaders – and how to reach a more equitable society for everyone.