Social Sciences

What is love?

From the fields of science to sociology, politics and philosophy, here is what Stanford research says about love and romance, in the past and present day.  

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Pricing alone won’t bridge the digital divide

Policymakers have zeroed in on pricing as the answer to narrowing the digital divide — not just as a matter of equity, but also to help lift Americans out of poverty.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How Latino entrepreneurs can boost the U.S. economy

Latinos are launching businesses at an unprecedented pace, but barriers – some long-standing, some brand new – keep them from reaching their potential.

Consequences of perceiving God as a white man

Stanford psychologist Steven O. Roberts found that the characteristics U.S. Christians assign to God – e.g., male, female, black, white, old, young – are the same identities they attribute to a boss.

Students from Iowa will caucus at Stanford

Stanford students from Iowa have organized the first satellite Democratic caucus site at the university. On Monday, they will be among the first Americans to vote in the 2020 presidential primary season.