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Mangroves’ value

A new approach quantifies the value of mangrove forests in Belize for carbon sequestration, tourism, fisheries, and coastal protection, then uses the values to target conservation and restoration. The findings hold lessons for coastal countries looking for ways to balance climate goals with economic development.

Study examines biases and coverage gaps in biodiversity data

Natural history collections of plants, animals, and other organisms are becoming a thing of the past with the rise of biodiversity apps and digital tools. A Stanford study identifies benefits and biases in these two datasets, which are crucial for assessing climate change.

Stanford Natural Capital Project —

Banking on nature

The Natural Capital Project is working with development banks and 10 pilot countries to put the environment at the forefront of policy and investment decisions.

For eco-friendly ammonia, just add water

A triphasic cocktail of water, nitrogen gas, and a solid catalyst sprayed through a low-tech, garden variety, gas-powered sprayer yields ammonia at low energy and low cost.

Appreciating human stewardship of nature

The Sustainable Landscape Health Assessment and new digital maps give 24 land managers regional-scale data across the mountain region, offering a big-picture systemic view and a broader context for their decisions.

Stanford Program on Water, Health & Development —

The fresh water we take for granted

Jenna Davis on water and sanitation challenges: “A lot of the obstacles have nothing to do with technology and very little to do with money or knowledge.”