Stories published in 2020

Yakov Eliashberg awarded Wolf Prize for Mathematics

Stanford mathematics Professor Yakov “Yasha” Eliashberg is a recipient of the 2020 Wolf Prize in Mathematics. Along with the Fields Medal and Abel Prize, the Wolf Prize is considered one of the most prestigious awards in mathematics.

Introducing the Human Screenome Project

Millions of screenshots sent from personal devices every five seconds will transform our understanding of everything from fake news to depression.

Tracking animals with DNA

Genetic material left behind by animals can provide critical clues to aid conservation and research. New research shows studying DNA in soil samples can be more effective, efficient and affordable than traditional tracking methods, such as camera traps, for assessing biodiversity.

Stanford Law School —

Stanford Law’s Jen King on California’s new privacy law

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, giving residents key rights over some of their private data. Jennifer King, director of privacy at Stanford’s CIS, explains the new law and how far it may go to protect consumer personal data.