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Stalin did not want an Iron Curtain to descend

In the immediate years after World War II, Josef Stalin sought a more flexible, geostrategic approach to advancing Soviet interests abroad, according to Stanford historian Norman Naimark.

Beyond campus: Photos of Stanford researchers in the field

This year, researchers traveled across the country and around the world, producing work that adds to our understanding of life on Earth and informs potential solutions for improving our health and the health of our planet.

Stanford Athletics —

Women win volleyball title

Stanford women’s volleyball team swept Wisconsin to win its second straight national championship on Saturday.

’Tis the season at Stanford!

Before heading home for the holidays, Stanford faculty, staff and students celebrated with a performance of The Nutcracker, the annual Messiah sing-along and a Stanford-themed, life-sized gingerbread house.

Autonomous DeLorean drives sideways to move forward

Engineers in Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab are teaching a driverless DeLorean to steer with the agility and precision of a human driver with a goal of improving how autonomous cars handle in hazardous conditions.

Reimagining ocean conservation

Stanford experts help guide Palau’s initiative to create one of the world’s largest marine sanctuaries. The protected area will diversify food options for Palauans while reducing overfishing and protecting marine life amid mounting climate pressures.