Stories published in 2019

Developing skills for humanities research

A new one-week course, called Humanities Research Intensive, teaches first- and second-year undergraduate students what research in the humanities could be and what skills are needed to do it.

Stanford’s resilient researcher

Noel Vest, PhD, hasn’t let his past experiences with addiction and incarceration keep him from a science career. He recently joined Stanford Medicine as a postdoctoral scholar in the Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab, focusing on research and public policy.

Stanford Law School —

Unlocking the bar

Stanford Law study recommends improving access to the legal profession for qualified people with criminal records in California.

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies —

What it takes for U.S. foreign policy to succeed in the Middle East

In a Q&A, Payne Distinguished Lecturer Brett McGurk, the former Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, talks about the current state of U.S.-Iran relations and Middle Eastern politics.

What it’s like to be a neuroscientist

Neuroscientist Miriam Goodman and four members of her lab talk about their paths to neuroscience, the kind of failure that is essential to science, and the hopes and joys that keep them coming back for more.

Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions —

Sharing data key in fight against illegal fishing

Illegal fishing robs nations of approximately $23 billion annually while also undermining legal fisheries management and industry practices.