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Stanford Report —

The future of research at Stanford

The two newest members of the leadership team in the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research discuss how their roles support Stanford’s research ecosystem.

Mangroves’ value

A new approach quantifies the value of mangrove forests in Belize for carbon sequestration, tourism, fisheries, and coastal protection, then uses the values to target conservation and restoration. The findings hold lessons for coastal countries looking for ways to balance climate goals with economic development.

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence —

Assessing political bias in language models

Researchers develop a new tool to measure how well popular large language models align with public opinion to evaluate bias in chatbots.

Climate change in history textbooks

A new AI-driven analysis finds the most popular U.S. history textbooks used in California and Texas commonly misrepresent the scientific consensus around climate change.

STANFORD magazine —

This is epoch

At 12 points around the globe – including one at Stanford – scientists are working to detect when the Anthropocene began.

Stanford HAI —

Imposter syndrome

A generative search engine is supposed to respond to queries using content extracted from top web search hits, but there’s no easy way to know when it’s just making things up.