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STANFORD magazine —

California’s charge

The state has made an ambitious plan: 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045. Four experts weigh in on how – and whether it’s possible – to get there.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

Dinosaurs had stiff feathers, just like modern birds

Powerful X-rays generated at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory suggest today’s bird feather chemistry originated as early as 125 million years ago.

Stanford Engineering —

Team microbiome

Microbiologist KC Huang on our relationship with the trillions of bacteria inhabiting our gut. “We’re kind of both cautiously engaging with them as allies, but also realizing that we could be at war at any point.”

Stanford HAI —

‘Generative agents’ change the game

“Generative agents” that draw on large language models to make breakfast, head to work, grab lunch, and ask other agents out on dates could change both gaming and social science.‘

Stanford Bioengineering —

A game changer for would-be bioengineers

A free, educational video game designed by a team of undergrads lets students step into a digital version of Stanford’s world-class Uytensgu Teaching Lab.

Stanford Engineering —

The science of light

Researchers in the field of photonics are harnessing the power of light to improve our electronics, help us live more sustainably, and learn more about how our bodies work.

Wildfire smoke’s toxic influence

Wildfire smoke has slowed or reversed progress on healthy air in 35 states, erasing a quarter of recent air quality gains in just six years.