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3D printing research at Stanford

3D printing offers a world of possibilities, but it has its limitations. Stanford researchers are stretching the boundaries of current printing models and finding innovative ways to solve pressing dilemmas of design, engineering, and medicine.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

What even is an algorithm?

This video breaks it down in less than two minutes.

Stanford Earth Matters magazine —

‘Two-eyed seeing’ off the California coast

A new research partnership will combine Indigenous and scientific knowledge to monitor marine life in a sacred tribal region that may be a bellwether of how native species will fare in the face of climate change.

Oil-sand wastewater triggered large Alberta earthquake

New research reveals wastewater injected underground by fossil fuel operators caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in November 2022 in the Peace River area of Alberta’s oil sands region. This is the first study to link seismicity in the area to human activity.

Stanford Program on Water, Health & Development —

The fresh water we take for granted

Jenna Davis on water and sanitation challenges: “A lot of the obstacles have nothing to do with technology and very little to do with money or knowledge.”