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Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

2022 cohort of Stanford Science Fellows named

Ten exceptional scholars who are conducting award-winning research in the fields of the life sciences, mathematics, and physical sciences share what they hope to achieve as Stanford Science Fellows.

Magnetic device isolates rarest white blood cells

Stanford researchers quickly isolate rare, allergen-reactive white blood cells, called basophils, using microfluidics and magnets. The new device could help revolutionize allergy diagnosis from the current slow and painful process of skin tests and oral food challenges.

Stanford Earth —

Earthquakes from oil field wastewater

In the nation’s biggest oil field, faults that lay dormant for millennia are being activated by the underground disposal of wastewater from fossil fuel production, according to two Stanford studies.

Four questions for Desiree LaBeaud

The Stanford infectious disease physician and epidemiologist reacts to recent news about the effects of plastic on human health.

Q&A: Tracking COVID infections through wastewater

Civil and environmental engineering Professor Alexandria Boehm discusses the system her team developed for monitoring COVID-19’s prevalence on campus, collaboration with public health officers, and the great promise that wastewater monitoring holds for anticipating the spread of other diseases.

Stanford HAI —

Johannes Eichstaedt: Exploring the intersection of psychology and AI

Johannes Eichstaedt, a computational social scientist and faculty fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, uses social media data and machine learning to gain insight into a wide range of health-related issues.

Stanford HAI —

Training smarter bots for the real world

A breakthrough approach to Imitation Learning could create versatile AI agents that could learn to do complex tasks in ever-changing environments.