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Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

Planet versus plastics

Here’s how Stanford scholars are exploring the connection between plastic and disease, rethinking plastic reuse, and uncovering new ways to break down plastic waste.

Stanford HAI —

The state of AI in 13 charts

Foundation models dominate, benchmarks fall, and prices skyrocket: Check out highlights from the newly released report tracking global trends in artificial intelligence.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

A Nobel-winning economist tackles water scarcity

Paul Milgrom envisions a new market that would resolve the allocation battles of the Colorado River and provide long-run protection for a dwindling resource.

Stanford Report —

Addressing the Colorado River crisis

The future of water in the Southwest was top of mind for participants and attendees at the 10th Annual Eccles Family Rural West Conference.

Hurricane risk perception drops after storms hit

Programs and policies that help households go beyond stocking up on food and medical supplies to invest in longer-term protections could overcome the risk perception gap and support adaptation to rising climate-related threats.

Stanford HAI —

Generative AI and the social divide

The growing threat of disinformation leads people not only to believe in falsehoods, says Nate Persily, but also to disbelieve in facts.

Stanford Report —

Summit kicks off Earth Month at Stanford

The Living Laboratory Partnership Summit convened students, faculty, and staff Tuesday to celebrate the great work and collaborations making Stanford more sustainable.

Stanford Engineering —

The future of computer music

“The worry isn’t just that we as artists would be replaced by generative AI,” says Ge Wang. “It’s that we might be replaced by something far more generic and far less interesting.”