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STANFORD magazine —

The Huberman Effect

Meet the neurobiologist with the hottest podcast in science.

Volcano detective

As a young adult, Ayla Pamukçu found herself at a crossroads between college and culinary school. Thanks in part to an influential box of rocks, she chose a research path that eventually led to a career studying the inner workings of the Earth.

Coastal cathedrals

Years after Hurricane Katrina altered his life’s course, Elliott White Jr. set out to understand what drives coastal wetland loss as a way to help lessen harm from future climate impacts for vulnerable coastal communities.

Stanford Report —

Meet our faculty: Chris Field

Chris Field is an optimist about our ability to cope with climate change. “As I’ve moved forward in my career, what I see are more and more opportunities to address the challenge.”

Tiny Lecture Nobel edition: Professor Carolyn Bertozzi

Stanford Professor Carolyn Bertozzi was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for her development of bioorthogonal reactions, which allow scientists to explore cells and track biological processes without disrupting the normal chemistry of the cell.

Carolyn Bertozzi’s day in photographs

Here’s a peek at how the morning unfolded for Stanford chemist Carolyn Bertozzi after she learned she had won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.