Stories published in 2024

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Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

California’s public charging infrastructure

Accessible charging stations are critical for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. A new policy brief outlines the roadblocks.

Stanford Law School —

Third millennium thinking

In a new book, Robert MacCoun presents the “inquisitorial approach of science” as one of our most powerful tools for making informed decisions in an increasingly complex world.

STANFORD magazine —

Meet Kemi Ashing-Giwa

When she’s not running lab experiments, the PhD student in ecophysiology and conservation biology writes sci-fi novels. “I like being in school for many reasons, but one is that it’s great for story ideas.”

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Changing history’s course

The Stanford History Education Group revolutionized the way students learn about the past. Now it’s moving into a new era.

Four questions for Mathieu Lapôtre on Dune

A Stanford dune expert discusses watching desert-based movies from the perspective of a geoscientist, the realities of otherworldly dunes, and what his research can tell us about the ancient environment of Earth and other planets.

Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law —

‘This is a war of autocracies and democracies’

The world has grown too comfortable believing Ukraine can prevail without ongoing support, Ukrainian leaders told a Stanford audience last week.