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Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Changing history’s course

The Stanford History Education Group revolutionized the way students learn about the past. Now it’s moving into a new era.

Stanford Report —

How technology is reinventing education

Stanford Graduate School of Education Dean Dan Schwartz and other education scholars weigh in on what's next for some of the technology trends taking center stage in the classroom.

Stanford Center on Early Childhood —

The science of early learning

Policymakers from across the country gathered at Stanford for a three-day program designed to highlight the importance of investment in early childhood education.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Don’t blame cheating on chatbots

Strategies to help students feel more engaged and valued are a better way to curb cheating than taking a hard line on AI, says Stanford education scholar Denise Pope.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

Research finds racial disparity in school closures

A new Stanford analysis confirms what many have long suspected: majority-Black public schools in the United States are far more likely to be shuttered.

Climate change in history textbooks

A new AI-driven analysis finds the most popular U.S. history textbooks used in California and Texas commonly misrepresent the scientific consensus around climate change.