News articles classified as Humanities

Stanford HAI —

Fei-Fei Li’s North Star

In her new memoir, the HAI co-director draws parallels between her immigration story and the rapid development of artificial intelligence.

Stanford Graduate School of Education —

It’s Banned Books Week

Last year, the GSE’s Jennifer Wolf discussed the push to ban books from U.S. schools. “I’ve read many of these ... and I can attest – they do push us outside of our comfort area.”

Stanford Digital Education —

Balancing democracy and meritocracy

How a fierce debate in the 1940s between a scientist and a senator informs Stanford Digital Education’s efforts to bring challenging courses to Title I high schools.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Post-Cinematic Bodies

Shane Denson’s new book considers how tech can co-opt our physical selves – and how art can save us.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Crime story as bourgeois horror

Haiyan Lee, author of a new book that compares Chinese and American views of justice, on why spy thrillers are more popular in China than detective stories.