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Stanford Report —

Twenty-one from 2021: The year in photos at Stanford

This past year saw the gradual resumption of campus life at Stanford, from the cautious reawakening of labs to the vibrant return of the entire student body for an in-person fall quarter. View some favorite frames in the arc toward a new pandemic normal with university photographer Andrew Brodhead.

Reimagining more just, equitable global supply chains

Forced labor, modern slavery and human trafficking are endemic issues in global supply chains. A new Stanford project by Jessie Brunner and colleagues shows how to systematically change a broken system.

Stanford Law School —

California burning

Stanford Law School researchers’ study of drought, wildfires and smoke brings together experts from across campus and offers a path forward.

What history can tell us about 2021

In the fall quarter course, History of 2021, Stanford faculty offered historically informed reflections on some of the year’s most pressing issues and showed students how many of today’s problems are inherited from the past.

Stanford Report —

Update on the beginning of winter quarter

In a message to the community, Provost Persis Drell and Associate Vice Provost for Environmental Health & Safety Russell Furr provide an update for students and instructors about the beginning of winter quarter instruction in January.

At Stanford 2021: The year in review

Looking back on a year that saw the Stanford community reconnect after 18 months apart and resume in-person teaching, working and learning.

Stanford Earth Matters —

Stanford Earth’s top 10 stories of 2021

Our list includes a mix of favorites, high-impact stories and some of our most read research coverage from a year of uncertainty, adaptation and discovery.

A quantum view of ‘combs’ of light

Frequency microcombs are specialized light sources that can function as light-based clocks, rulers and sensors to measure time, distance and molecular composition with high precision. New Stanford research presents a novel tool for investigating the quantum characteristics of these sources.

Astronomy’s newest 10-year plan focuses on alien Earths

Stanford astronomer Bruce Macintosh was a co-author of the latest “Decadal Survey,” a once-in-a-decade report that helps set the research priorities for the astronomy and astrophysics communities. Those priorities will include the identification of other habitable Earth-like worlds and determining whether life exists elsewhere in the universe.