Wearable tech expedites eye surgeries in Ghana

A group of Stanford students from Design for Extreme Affordability are transforming patient data collection and analysis for a nonprofit that performs vision-restoring surgeries for people with cataract-induced blindness.

Stuart Macmillan, long-time Stanford teacher, dies at 68

Stuart Macmillan contributed to technologies at Sun Microsystems and was a chief scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. At Stanford, he co-taught a year-round course on clean energy entrepreneurship.

Lessons learned for future cleantech investments

The boom and bust in clean energy investments starting in 2008 produced some lessons to guide future government policy and investment strategies for the next cycle of investment in a sustainable energy future.

Engineering design course reaches its 50th year

Over the last half-century, students in the ME310 course have produced hundreds of prototypes for cameras, makeup, cars and much more. Combined with international teams, they design and develop new products while learning from reality.

Coulter grants move healthcare innovation to patients

Every healthcare innovation helping patients today started as no more than a dream and a clever prototype. Now, a new round of ideas is getting a jump start on the path to reality from a grant program intended to accelerate healthcare solutions.

Hospital simulations inspire student innovators

Students in a Biodesign Innovation class got a first-hand look at challenges in health care with intense – and inspiring – hospital simulations. These students took what they learned in the simulations and applied it to new technology solutions.

Entrepreneurship can be learned

Business classes are not a prerequisite for entrepreneurship, but some of the most storied startup founders say they benefited from academic courses and experiential learning opportunities.