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Breast cancer metastasis on/off switch revealed

New research from Stanford and the Arc Institute could lead to a new and more effective immunotherapy and help clinicians better predict patient response to existing medicines.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

Fungi and the future of forests

Climate change is poised to disrupt the complex partnerships between trees and the fungal communities that help them thrive.

Stanford Law School —

Regulating quantum tech

The smallest particles in the universe have the potential to create some of the world’s biggest quandaries.

Stanford Medicine —

Digital interventions for binge drinking

Emergency medicine specialist Brian Suffoletto lost two friends to an alcohol-related accident in college. He now develops smartphone tools to head off unsafe drinking.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Tips for successful negotiating

Organizational behavior Professor Michele Gelfand is “a little bit obsessed” with crafting win-win agreements.

King Center on Global Development —

Pioneering research to fight gender-based violence

A postdoc fellow on her work tying economic policy to social change: “It’s very important to me not to overly intellectualize this topic. I really want to start talking about solutions.”

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Chatbot boosts productivity

The first large-scale study of a ChatGPT-like assistant in the workplace found that it helped less experienced employees perform better and made customers happier.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

Can technology reduce social inequality?

Stanford researchers are using vehicle-mounted sensors, cameras, and other devices to collect neighborhood data that could make life better for people in cities.