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Stanford Medicine —

How to talk to your doctor about antibiotics

When does an infection require a prescription? “Figuring that out is a lot more complicated than the layperson would anticipate,” says Stanford Medicine’s Alex Zimmet.

STANFORD magazine —

As if you had a choice

From your DNA to what you ate this morning, a lifetime of factors is determining your every move. None of those elements, says Robert Sapolsky, is free will.

Stanford Engineering —

The future of ecohydrology

An expert in the global cycles of carbon and water explains how they are inextricably bound to one another and fundamental to the future of life on planet Earth.

Stanford Law School —

Student report spurs action by the California Parole Board

Stanford Law’s Criminal Justice Center reported on the number of women in prison for homicides linked to intimate partner violence. Their work pushed the wheels of policy change – and fast.

Stanford HAI —

Using AI to help refugees succeed

Machine learning tools are helping countries place refugees where they’re most likely to find employment.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

How master players choose their openings

Researchers applied population and statistical models to millions of chess games and found that cultural biases influence players’ moves.

Stanford Emerging Technology Review —

‘A remarkable collaboration’

University leaders and tech experts celebrated the launch of an initiative dedicated to helping policymakers understand the implications of emerging technologies.