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Rodin hand sculpture

Rodin's hand sculptures diagnosed as part of exhibit

In a union of art, tech and medicine, a Cantor Arts Center exhibition explores the malformations depicted in Auguste Rodin's sculptures.

Soil core with mushroom

Stanford biologists help solve fungi mysteries

A new genetic analysis revealing the previously unknown biodiversity and distribution of thousands of fungi in North America might also reveal a previously underappreciated contributor to climate change.


Diverse gene pool critical for tigers' survival, say Stanford scholars

Increasing tigers' genetic diversity – via interbreeding and other methods – and not just their population numbers may be the best solution to saving this endangered species, according to Stanford research.

child's hand giving a flower / Kolett/Shutterstock

Cultivating happiness often misunderstood, says Stanford researcher

Stanford research explores the concept of maximizing happiness, and finds that pursuing concrete "giving" goals rather than abstract ones leads to greater satisfaction.