New techniques to study deadly ovarian cancer

A particularly deadly form of ovarian cancer is so deadly in part because it is quick to develop resistance to the drugs used to treat it. Now, a team is using new materials and imaging techniques to better understand the disease.

Reflections on the California wildfires

The 2018 fire season in California gave Stanford experts much to think about, including how the state can develop better policies for preventing fires and new research to better understand the long-term effects of breathing smoky air.

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The surprising power of small data

Corporate wellness programs need more focus, not more lab tests. Several studies have found that such programs can end up costing more money than they save.

Living with air pollution

Polluted air caused by drifting wildfire smoke is choking the Bay Area. It’s the norm for many people around the world. Globally, long-term exposure to outdoor air pollution is responsible for millions of deaths.