Graduate School of Education —

Rethinking concussion education for a new generation of athletes

Hundreds of students and faculty across the university are collaborating with TeachAids, a Palo Alto nonprofit, to develop new concussion education tools using virtual reality, 3D animation and other promising learning technologies.  

ChEM-H’s Bertozzi on bridging chemistry and medicine

As chemist Carolyn Bertozzi takes on a new role as Baker Family Co-Director, Stanford ChEM-H, she talks about bridging gaps between chemistry research and medical practice and preparing graduate students for the future.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

How Medicare can save $4.6 billion a year

Stanford economist Liran Einav used to think of health care — and all the money that goes into it — in the simplest of terms: visit a doctor or hospital, get treated, go home. But that was before he learned about a little-studied segment of the U.S. health market, called "post-acute" care.