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Stanford Medicine —

Drug limits allergic reactions

Accidental exposure to allergy-triggering foods can have life-threatening consequences for children with food allergies. A new treatment reduces the risk.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

The immigration debate has a mental health toll

Anxiety and depression among Latino groups in the United States have risen during times of heightened enforcement and policy tug-of-war, new research shows.

Patient mindset training helps care teams

Patient mindsets can influence care outcomes. Care providers who received a new “Medicine Plus Mindset” training increasingly felt that patient mindsets are important in health care and reported using the training when interacting with patients.

A new RNA editing tool could enhance cancer treatment

The new study found that an RNA-targeting CRISPR platform could tune immune cell metabolism without permanent genetic changes, potentially unveiling a relatively low-risk way to upgrade existing cell therapies for cancer.

Stanford HAI —

AI helps patients in crisis access timely care

A new model to identify and triage high-risk messages to an online mental health platform dramatically reduced response time for those in urgent need.

Breast cancer metastasis on/off switch revealed

New research from Stanford and the Arc Institute could lead to a new and more effective immunotherapy and help clinicians better predict patient response to existing medicines.