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Soft ‘e-skin’ that talks to the brain

A single, multilayer, soft, and stretchable material with integrated nerve-like electronics can sense pressure, temperature, strain, and more, just like real skin.

Stanford Engineering —

The future of movement disorders

Helen Bronte-Stewart explains how new technologies have revolutionized the treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s.

New technology uses ordinary sunlight to disinfect drinking water

A low-cost, recyclable powder can kill thousands of waterborne bacteria per second when exposed to sunlight. Stanford and SLAC scientists say the ultrafast disinfectant could be a revolutionary advance for 2 billion people worldwide without access to safe drinking water.

Study finds new pathway for clearing misfolded proteins

Stanford researchers defined a novel cellular pathway – including a “dump site” – for clearing misfolded proteins from cells. The pathway is a potential therapy target for age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.

Study deepens link between trash, mosquito-borne disease

With the risk of mosquito-borne disease expected to grow with climate change, a new study by Stanford researchers and their Kenyan colleagues sheds light on the factors that put communities at risk for these illnesses – including the presence of trash.