Stanford Medicine —

Renowned microbe hunter Stanley Falkow dies at 84

“A giant in the field of microbiology,” the Stanford researcher identified the mechanisms by which antibiotic resistance spreads and played a key role in the development of DNA cloning.

Stanford microbiologist Allan Campbell dies at 88

Campbell was best known for the “Campbell model,” which described how some viruses create genetic sleeper agents inside bacteria that wait for a vulnerable moment when they can awaken and kill their hosts.

Campus mourns law alum Tripp Zanetis

Law School alumnus Christopher “Tripp” Zanetis died when his United States military helicopter crashed during a troop transport.

Geneticist Charles Yanofsky dies at 92

Throughout his more than half-a-century career, Charles “Charley” Yanofsky contributed to the fundamental understanding of genetics. Brilliant, humble and generous, he was a role model to students, friends and family.

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Taylor dies at 88

One of the pioneering particle physicists working at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Taylor carried out experiments that led to the 1990 Nobel Prize in physics for his role in the discovery of quarks.