Stanford psychologist Eleanor Maccoby dies at 101

Eleanor Maccoby, the first woman to serve as chair of the Stanford Department of Psychology, was recognized for her scholarly contributions to gender studies and child and family psychology.

Literary scholar Herbert Lindenberger dies at 89

Herbert S. Lindenberger, a professor emeritus who founded Stanford’s Department of Comparative Literature and inspired generations of students and scholars, died on Oct. 1.

William Kays, former dean of School of Engineering, dies at 98

An early advocate for computing and for expanding the role of women and minorities in engineering, William Kays led the School of Engineering during a time when academic and industry scientists were establishing Silicon Valley.

Computer science pioneer Zohar Manna dies

Zohar Manna, who pioneered theoretical computer science techniques that today help form the basis for artificial intelligence and for reliable software, died at his home in Israel Aug. 30.