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Stanford Law School —

Extended labor unrest

Stanford Law’s William Gould weighs in on the United Auto Workers strike: “The parties are far apart. I would expect the strike to build and last weeks, perhaps months.”

Stanford Law School —

Who’s responsible for autonomous vehicles?

As robo-taxis take to the streets, Stanford Law School’s Robert Rabin explains how laws on driver negligence and liability will evolve.

Stanford Law School —

Georgia’s RICO law, explained

Stanford Law’s David Sklansky on Monday’s indictment against former President Donald Trump.

Stanford Law School —

Jenny Martinez appointed to democracy task force

The Stanford Law School dean was appointed to the American Bar Association’s task force for American democracy, created to educate citizens and improve voter confidence.

Stanford Law School —

The U.S. vs. Donald Trump

Stanford Law’s David Sklansky discusses the charges against the former president.

Stanford Law School —

Rethinking algorithmic decision-making

A new look at how standards designed to make algorithmic decisions fair can lead to inequitable and undesirable outcomes.

Stanford Law School —

Why more strikes are coming

Stanford Law School’s William Gould on “hot labor summer” and the factors underlying the strength of the movement.

Stanford Engineering —

Enzymatic assembly lines

Chemical engineer Chaitan Khosla explains why microbes make the best drug factories in the world, and why science is still playing catch-up.