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Stanford Law School —

SCOTUS excessive fines and forfeitures decision

In a Q&A, Stanford law Professor Robert Weisberg discusses the problem of civil forfeitures and excessive fines in the state and local criminal justice system and the potential impact of the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

What rising seas mean for local economies

High-tide flooding resulting from climate change is already disrupting the economy of Annapolis, Maryland. As sea levels rise, the impacts are expected to get worse for coastal communities.

Stanford Law School —

Vaccinations, children’s rights and the law

In a Q&A, Stanford law Professor Michael Wald, an expert on legal policy toward children, discusses the legal rights of children to receive vaccinations and how the law varies from state to state.

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies —

Easing tensions on Korean Peninsula

Relations have thawed, but Washington has so far not taken steps toward normalization.

Law students ride the ‘Justice Bus’

Stanford Law students put their training to work during a recent trip to Fresno, California, where they helped formerly incarcerated citizens move on with their lives.