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Student report spurs action by the California Parole Board

Stanford Law’s Criminal Justice Center reported on the number of women in prison for homicides linked to intimate partner violence. Their work pushed the wheels of policy change – and fast.

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‘Credential creep’ and the American Dream

The end of race-based affirmative action is an opportunity to think creatively about the role of higher education in our society, says Stanford Law’s Ralph Richard Banks.

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Weighing the case against Google

The biggest antitrust trial of the last quarter century is expected to last well into November. Antitrust scholar and SLS visiting fellow Douglas Melamed explains the issues at stake.

When antitrust regulation can backfire

With the Google antitrust trial well underway, and an Amazon suit soon to follow, Riitta Katila, a professor of management science and engineering, discusses the impacts of anti-competition regulation on innovation.

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Extended labor unrest

Stanford Law’s William Gould weighs in on the United Auto Workers strike: “The parties are far apart. I would expect the strike to build and last weeks, perhaps months.”

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Who’s responsible for autonomous vehicles?

As robo-taxis take to the streets, Stanford Law School’s Robert Rabin explains how laws on driver negligence and liability will evolve.

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Georgia’s RICO law, explained

Stanford Law’s David Sklansky on Monday’s indictment against former President Donald Trump.

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Jenny Martinez appointed to democracy task force

The Stanford Law School dean was appointed to the American Bar Association’s task force for American democracy, created to educate citizens and improve voter confidence.