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Stanford Report —

Portraits of change

An exhibition of photographs that document sweeping 20th-century political, social, and artistic movements across Latin America opened this month at the Cantor Arts Center.

STANFORD magazine —

The evolution of Blackfest

The largest free hip-hop event in the Bay Area wasn’t always a music festival. For decades, it was a family picnic of sorts, sparked by the need to bridge an east-west campus divide.

Stanford Athletics —

Women’s water polo wins national championship

The nation’s only program to have participated at every NCAA championship since the event’s inception in 2001, Stanford women’s water polo defeated USC 11-9  on Sunday night to win their ninth NCAA title.

Stanford Report —

Stanford marks 40 years since ‘The Play’

The Stanford Historical Society recently convened Stanford and Berkeley alumni to recount the bizarre events surrounding the end of the 1982 Big Game – which has since become one of the most iconic plays in American college sports history.

STANFORD magazine —

When card stunts ruled

Once upon a time, student participation during football games was flipping awesome.

STANFORD magazine —

What to read this summer – 2022

STANFORD magazine’s summer reading list features faculty-recommended books that tackle today’s big issues.

Stanford Report —

Stepping out of his comfort zone and into the world of dance

Gaurab Banerjee, a leader in Stanford’s social dance community and a member of the Axe Committee, graduates with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. He plans to work in the artificial intelligence industry and later in community development.

Stanford Report —

Aiming for space, with eyes on a more inclusive home planet

Mary Cooper, who grew up in a military family, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and computer science. After a summer working at SpaceX and a semester of study at Oxford, she’ll return to earn a master’s degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering.