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Stanford Law School —

Georgia’s RICO law, explained

Stanford Law’s David Sklansky on Monday’s indictment against former President Donald Trump.

Stanford Law School —

The U.S. vs. Donald Trump

Stanford Law’s David Sklansky discusses the charges against the former president.

Oppenheimer and the pursuit of nuclear disarmament

What the film Oppenheimer got right – and missed – about creating the world’s first atomic bomb. “I think there’s a broader tragedy that came out less clearly: the political tragedy of the nuclear arms race.”

Stanford scholars react to the end of affirmative action

Anthony Lising Antonio, Ralph Richard Banks, David Grusky, Eujin Park, Sean Reardon, and C. Matthew Snipp consider the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling against race-conscious university admissions.

Hoover Institution —

Who holds the purse strings?

The Supreme Court hears arguments today on President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan; John F. Cogan and Michael McConnell discuss their amicus brief opposing it.