Poll: Women and independent voters critical for the midterm election

A new poll of California voters by Stanford University’s Bill Lane Center for the American West shows that despite its reputation as a liberal state, the California political profile is mixed and diverse. Appealing to female voters and appealing to independents are pivotal this election season.

Stanford Law —

Copyright’s Highway, take 2

Stanford Law Professor Paul Goldstein aims to clarify the legal complexities surrounding the internet’s capacity to bring books, movies, and music to anyone with a broadband connection in his new book about copyright law.

Stanford Law —

Data privacy: New EU laws coming in May

The European Union is expected to implement sweeping new data privacy laws in May. Albert Gidari, consulting director of privacy at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, explains the new regulations.

Stanford Law —

Rolling back green energy standards?

Stanford Law Professor Deborah Sivas explains California’s waiver that allows it to set stricter fuel standards and the possibility of litigation to prevent the Trump administration’s new measures.  

Case questions climate change culpability

A closely watched federal trial pitting two cities against major oil companies has taken surprising and unorthodox turns. Stanford researchers examine the case, which could reshape the landscape of legal claims for climate change-related damages.

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies —

What does the end of net neutrality mean for us?

Didi Kuo, academic research and program manager at FSI’s Program on American Democracy in Comparative Perspective, and Ryan Singel, media and strategy fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, provide perspective.