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Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How to think like a venture capitalist

Stanford GSB Professor Ilya Strebulaev and his team talked to nearly 900 venture capitalists and discovered lessons for us all about the importance of keeping an open mind and doing your research.

Why are workers striking now?

Falling wages and unequal earnings distribution are among the reasons workers are striking, says Stanford economics professor.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

An unexpected payoff from trading stocks

An experiment shows that investing – even when unprofitable – can be a lesson in building trust across ideological and political divides.

Can alternative meat compete?

The analysis compares innovations and policies related to plant-based and lab-grown alternatives to animal meat and dairy in the U.S. and European Union. Its findings could help ensure legislation levels the food industry playing field.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

Companies are counting on inattentive subscribers

For businesses with subscription models, revenues are up to 200% higher than they would be if customers canceled unwanted auto-renewals.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

How a CEO’s personality affects corporate culture

Extraversion and agreeableness may have the most positive effects on company culture, but the ideal traits of a CEO depend on what business they’re in.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Shifting the deficit mindset

Research suggests prospective employers may be biased against first-gen college grads, but a simple intervention can flip the script.

What explains recent tech layoffs, and why should we be worried?

As layoffs in the tech sector mount, Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer is worried. Research – by him, and others – has shown that the stress layoffs create takes a devastating toll on behavioral and physical health and increases mortality and morbidity substantially. Layoffs literally kill people, he said.