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Indigenous climate activist wins 2021 Bright Award

India Logan-Riley is the winner of the 2021 Bright Award, recognizing their work as co-founder of Te Ara Whatu, a group of Māori and Pasifika youth who are working for climate change solutions and Indigenous sovereignty.

New climate risk disclosure recommendations explained

California should use its $260 billion annual spending and $1 trillion pension funds to advance its climate agenda through climate risk disclosure requirements, according to a Stanford-led group of advisors appointed by Gov. Newsom. Two advisors explain how more disclosure can do that.

Stanford ChEM-H —

Shining a light on extrachromosomal DNA

Physician scientist Paul Mischel looked where the light wasn’t being shone and saw extrachromosomal DNA, genetic "SpaghettiO’s" that give cancer an unfair advantage.

Becoming an exoskeleton expert

New research shows that the benefits people could reap from exoskeletons rely heavily on having time to train with the device.

Methane removal

Analyses lay out a blueprint for speeding development of atmospheric removal and modeling how the approach could improve human health and have an outsized effect on reducing future peak temperatures.

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Karl Deisseroth wins Lasker Award

Discoveries by Deisseroth, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and of bioengineering, and his two co-recipients regarding microbial light-activated molecules led to his development of a way to manipulate selected neurons in living animals to observe changes in their behavior.