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STANFORD magazine —

Just add prawns

Giulio De Leo and his collaborators have been testing an unconventional solution to a parasitic disease.

New material opens the door for energy-efficient computing

Engineers have found a metallic compound that could bring more efficient forms of computer memory closer to commercialization, reducing computing’s carbon footprint, enabling faster processing, and allowing AI training to happen on individual devices instead of remote servers.

Stanford HAI —

Tech increases equity in diabetes care

Continuous glucose monitoring with AI-enabled remote support yields better outcomes for kids across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Stanford Engineering —

The antitrust paradox

Antitrust regulation in platform markets increases innovation but harms profitability – and the most innovative firms are the least likely to thrive.

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute —

Assembling the brain

New technologies may soon make it possible for scientists to follow the development of neurological circuits in real time.

Study examines biases and coverage gaps in biodiversity data

Natural history collections of plants, animals, and other organisms are becoming a thing of the past with the rise of biodiversity apps and digital tools. A Stanford study identifies benefits and biases in these two datasets, which are crucial for assessing climate change.

A better, faster tool for saving water on farms

A new tool for designing and managing irrigation for farms advances the implementation of smart agriculture, an approach that leverages data and modern technologies to boost crop yields while conserving natural resources.

Stanford Natural Capital Project —

Banking on nature

The Natural Capital Project is working with development banks and 10 pilot countries to put the environment at the forefront of policy and investment decisions.