Science & Technology

Lessons learned for future cleantech investments

The boom and bust in clean energy investments starting in 2008 produced some lessons to guide future government policy and investment strategies for the next cycle of investment in a sustainable energy future.

A new map of the brain’s serotonin system

New findings reveal that the brain’s serotonin system ­– which regulates everything from our moods to our movements – is made up of multiple parallel pathways that affect the brain in different, and sometimes opposing, ways.

Head and neck positioning affects concussion risk

The way our head and neck are positioned during a head-on impact may significantly affect the risk of concussion – but tensed up neck muscles seem to offer far less protection.

Stanford School of Engineering —

How do you prolong the useful life of lubricants?

A core problem, whether in a turbine or a car, is foaming oil. Researchers zoomed in on the iridescent surface of tiny oil bubbles and discovered the color patterns reveal the thickness of the bubble wall.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

One cool camera: LSST’s cryostat assembly completed

The LSST cryostat, now fully assembled, will keep the camera’s image sensors continuously cooled to minus 150 degrees Fahrenheit for crisp, high-sensitivity views of the night skies.

Former ‘Mars czar’ reviews news on the red planet

Discoveries of complex molecules and a liquid water lake, a birthday for one rover and concern for another have brought Mars a lot of attention this summer. Here’s what the first Mars program director, Scott Hubbard, has to say about all the recent excitement.