Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Humanities Core has new integrated global focus

In order to better address intellectual cross-currents throughout history, new courses will examine similarities and differences across cultures.

Tuning in to philosophy, humanities during the pandemic

With the 500th episode of the popular radio show Philosophy Talk approaching, program co-founder John Perry and current host Joshua Landy reflect on how philosophy, and the humanities broadly, can help during these turbulent times.

World War II’s contradictory lessons

On the 75th anniversary of World War II ending in Europe, Stanford historian James Sheehan discusses the challenges that persisted and the legacies that remained at the end of the war.

How pandemics catalyze social and economic change

Throughout recorded history, pandemics have been effective levelers of social and economic inequality – but that might not be the outcome this time around, says Stanford historian Walter Scheidel.

Theater and COVID-19

Matthew Smith, chair of Stanford’s Theater and Performance Studies, discusses how his department is trying to make the magic of live theater happen remotely.