Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson’s morning in photographs

The awarding of Nobel Prizes attracts worldwide attention. Economists Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom’s hectic day started around 2:15 a.m. PT. University Communications photographers were there to capture the excitement.

MacArthur ‘genius’ grants

Monika Schleier-Smith was honored with a MacArthur Fellowship for her creative approach to studying many-particle quantum systems. Forrest Stuart's fellowship recognizes the human approach he brings to the study of disadvantaged, violent communities.

Indigenous conservationist wins 2020 Bright Award

Maria Azhunova, winner of the 2020 Bright Award, supports the intergenerational transfer of traditional knowledge and biocultural approaches to nature conservation through her work at the Baikal Buryat Center for Indigenous Cultures.

2020 Stanford graduate wins journalism award

The Society of Environmental Journalists has recognized Madison Pobis, ’20, for her original reporting on how sustainability efforts are impacting farmers.