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Stanford Report —

Five Stanford scholars awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

The honor recognizes mid-career scholars, artists, and scientists who have demonstrated a previous capacity for outstanding work and continue to show exceptional promise.

Stanford Medicine —

Stanford medical students named Soros fellows

Quenton Bubb, Esther Elonga, and Tania Fabo have been named members of the 2022 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, which supports the graduate education of U.S. immigrants and children of immigrants.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Marcus Feldman receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The professor of biology was honored by the Society for the Study of Evolution for contributions to our understanding of human population genetics and cultural evolutionary theory.

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute —

Neuroscience:Translate awards advance game-changing technologies

The Neuroscience:Translate grant program funds researchers across the university whose projects include devices, medications and VR for the treatment of autism, depression, Parkinson’s disease and more.

Stanford Report —

Carolyn Bertozzi awarded Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Chemistry Professor Carolyn Bertozzi is honored for creating a new biochemical field of study and contributing to the understanding of a network of cellular molecules important to health and disease.

Stanford ChEM-H —

Carolyn Bertozzi wins AAAS Lifetime Mentor Award

Carolyn Bertozzi, professor of chemistry and director of Stanford ChEM-H, has been awarded the Lifetime Mentor Award that recognizes significant contributions to mentorship and to increasing diversity in STEM fields.