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9 things to know about election polling data

Stanford political scientist David Brady discusses the lessons pollsters learned in the 2016 election and what to know about tracking election forecasts in 2020.

Stanford HAI —

The link between artificial intelligence jobs and well-being

People often worry about AI destroying jobs, but researchers with HAI and the Digital Economy Lab have found a correlation between an increase in AI jobs and economic growth, which improves overall well-being.

‘You’ve won the Nobel Prize’

In the early hours of Oct. 12, 2020, after learning they had jointly won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Stanford economists Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson talk about their work and their collaboration.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

David Kreps lauds 2020 Nobel laureate Robert Wilson

“Bob has brought economic theory to the real world, both as a mechanism for understanding ‘how things work’ and then in the design of better institutions.”

Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson’s morning in photographs

The awarding of Nobel Prizes attracts worldwide attention. Economists Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom’s hectic day started around 2:15 a.m. PT. University Communications photographers were there to capture the excitement.