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Stanford seeking to expand space for COVID-19 research

Stanford is looking to expand the only facility on campus where researchers can work with the virus that causes COVID-19. Once underway, the expansion could be completed in six months and would greatly speed research toward treatment and prevention.

How to protect your Stanford Zoom meetings

University IT is seeing an increase in Stanford Zoom meeting abuse while also hearing news of “Zoombomber” incidents here and at other institutions where interlopers have disrupted virtual events.

Modeling social distancing’s impact

Biologist Erin Mordecai discusses different social distancing strategies, how long we may need to maintain them and the risk of a disease resurgence if precautions are lifted too early.

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The race to save the ocean

Fiorenza “Fio” Micheli grew up on the Mediterranean Sea, where she fell in love with the ocean and made it the object of her scientific career.