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Solar panels largely confined to wealthy Americans

Tax rebates for installing residential solar power have done little to spur adoption in low-income communities in the United States, while a less common incentive seems to succeed, according to new research using AI and satellite images.

Stanford Engineering —

Melissa Valentine: The rise of the flash organization

On this episode of The Future of Everything, Melissa Valentine discusses the workplace phenomenon known as the flash organization – an ad hoc group of experts assembled to solve a particular problem before disbanding.

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies —

Understanding the stakes in Taiwan

FSI’s Larry Diamond and Oriana Skylar Mastro join Michael McFaul on the World Class podcast to discuss China’s ambitions against Taiwan and how the U.S. and its allies can deter Beijing.

Dams and food security

Analysis finds that dammed reservoirs could store more than 50% of the water needed to irrigate crops without depleting water stocks or encroaching on nature. The researchers caution against building new dams, however, and urge consideration of alternative storage solutions.

Stanford Engineering —

The cleanest drinking water is recycled

New research shows treated wastewater can be safer and more dependable than common tap water sources, including rivers and groundwater.

Stanford Medicine —

Cell transplant cures mice of diabetes

A technique developed at Stanford Medicine allows mice with diabetes to accept unmatched islet cells and durably restores blood sugar control without immunosuppression or graft-versus-host disease.