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Political consensus through empathy

In an era of strident polarization – and just in time for the midterm elections – a new study tests an approach for building political consensus and reducing partisan animosity.

Stanford study shows benefits to reinventing 911 responses

As cities test different approaches to handling 911 calls, a new study shows dispatching mental health specialists for nonviolent emergencies can be beneficial. In Denver, it reduced reports of less serious crimes and lowered response costs.

Early COVID-19 mindset predicts well-being

Mindsets developed in the first 10 days of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced people’s emotions and health behaviors – and ultimately predicted their well-being six months later, Stanford psychologists find.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

When feeling ‘older’ is a good thing

Researchers studied how subjective age affects the willingness to help strangers and found that when people perceived themselves as older, they were more willing to help others.

Supporting students involved in the justice system

New data show that a one-page letter asking a teacher to support a youth as they navigate the difficult transition from juvenile detention back to school can reduce the likelihood that the student re-offends.