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Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Confirmation bias and other decision-making pitfalls

For nearly two decades, organizational behavior Professor Francis Flynn has introduced incoming GSB students to key concepts of applied social psychology. “When the stakes are high, blindly relying on our intuition might not be enough.”

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Who are you?

The self is not a fixed, innate essence residing within us, but something fluid and socially constructed, social psychologist Brian Lowery argues in a new book.

Why do we respond to social robots?

When people encounter social robots, they tend to treat them as both machine and character. A Stanford psychologist and his collaborator explain why in a much-discussed paper.

Political consensus through empathy

In an era of strident polarization – and just in time for the midterm elections – a new study tests an approach for building political consensus and reducing partisan animosity.

Stanford study shows benefits to reinventing 911 responses

As cities test different approaches to handling 911 calls, a new study shows dispatching mental health specialists for nonviolent emergencies can be beneficial. In Denver, it reduced reports of less serious crimes and lowered response costs.