News articles classified as Policy

STANFORD magazine —

Policing for the people

Political science Professor Beatriz Magaloni can tell you which criminal justice reforms make communities safer in Mexico and beyond.

Stanford Emerging Technology Review —

‘A remarkable collaboration’

University leaders and tech experts celebrated the launch of an initiative dedicated to helping policymakers understand the implications of emerging technologies.

Can alternative meat compete?

The analysis compares innovations and policies related to plant-based and lab-grown alternatives to animal meat and dairy in the U.S. and European Union. Its findings could help ensure legislation levels the food industry playing field.

Stanford Engineering —

Access is just the beginning

Health policy expert Alyce Adams on where health care delivery breaks down and how to remove the barriers to better outcomes.

Resilient power grids

Stanford research finds low-income communities in California face a “wildfire safety deficit” as a result of longstanding policies about who should pay to move power lines underground.

Moving communities to safety

As sea levels rise and flooding becomes more frequent, many countries are considering a controversial strategy: relocation of communities. A Stanford analysis of planned relocations around the world reveals a blueprint for positive outcomes.

Stanford King Center on Global Development —

A long-term focus on growing cities in Africa

Multi-year datasets from the King Center’s African Urbanization and Development Research Initiative continue to inform research and policy insights in Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire.

Stanford Law School —

How to help forests fight climate change

A report from Stanford Law School Policy Lab and Bezos Earth Fund recommends climate-smart forestry practices as well as better data collection to quantify and incentivize forest carbon removals.