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Stanford Report —

Stanford visit sparks high schoolers’ interests

High school students visited the university as part of Stanford’s Introduction to Bioengineering, a dual-credit course program that provides talented students in low-income communities with access to advanced material while encouraging them to apply to selective colleges.

Stanford HAI —

The state of AI in 13 charts

Foundation models dominate, benchmarks fall, and prices skyrocket: Check out highlights from the newly released report tracking global trends in artificial intelligence.

Stanford Medicine —

Two key brain systems are central to psychosis

When the brain has trouble filtering incoming information and predicting what’s likely to happen, psychosis can result, Stanford Medicine-led research shows.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Gossipers have the edge

Talking about people behind their backs can spread useful information and motivate others to cooperate with you – but only if your information is accurate.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

A Nobel-winning economist tackles water scarcity

Paul Milgrom envisions a new market that would resolve the allocation battles of the Colorado River and provide long-run protection for a dwindling resource.

Stanford Report —

Capturing the movement

Students in an introductory seminar on conservation photography learn that a camera can be a powerful tool for change.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

What causes conformity

The authors of a seminal paper on how corporations become more uniform over time take aim at academia.

Stanford Engineering —

Market design without borders

A new interdisciplinary center hopes to clear the logistical hurdles to coordinating kidney exchanges internationally.