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Meet our faculty

Scholarship is at its best when it draws upon a diverse community. Here, Stanford faculty members share the life experiences and interests that fuel the dynamic learning environment on campus.

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Twenty-one from 2021: The year in photos at Stanford

This past year saw the gradual resumption of campus life at Stanford, from the cautious reawakening of labs to the vibrant return of the entire student body for an in-person fall quarter. View some favorite frames in the arc toward a new pandemic normal with university photographer Andrew Brodhead.

At Stanford 2021: The year in review

Looking back on a year that saw the Stanford community reconnect after 18 months apart and resume in-person teaching, working and learning.

Molecular fossil hunter

Geomicrobiologist Paula Welander has come to see microbes as a system for grappling with complex questions about life, evolution and ancient Earth.

Wearable technology research at Stanford

From developing innovative means of production to testing the quality of commercially available products, Stanford researchers are enthusiastically involved in improving wearable technologies.

Survey suggests reduced invasion of Argentine ants

A nearly 30-year survey, conducted at Stanford’s Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, has found that the distribution of Argentine ants has shrunk as a result of climate change. Meanwhile, native species are faring better.

Exploring public service on campus and overseas

Jasmin Dalsgaard, an international student from Malaysia, will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics and will bid farewell to Branner Hall, the public service theme dorm she has called home for the last three years.