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Stanford Law School —

The U.S. vs. Donald Trump

Stanford Law’s David Sklansky discusses the charges against the former president.

Stanford Law School —

Rethinking algorithmic decision-making

A new look at how standards designed to make algorithmic decisions fair can lead to inequitable and undesirable outcomes.

Stanford Law School —

Why more strikes are coming

Stanford Law School’s William Gould on “hot labor summer” and the factors underlying the strength of the movement.

Stanford Engineering —

Enzymatic assembly lines

Chemical engineer Chaitan Khosla explains why microbes make the best drug factories in the world, and why science is still playing catch-up.

Stanford Law School —

How to help forests fight climate change

A report from Stanford Law School Policy Lab and Bezos Earth Fund recommends climate-smart forestry practices as well as better data collection to quantify and incentivize forest carbon removals.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

A novel prescription to combat drug shortages

As policymakers look to respond to an acute drug shortage in the U.S., an analysis of the generic drug market by Stanford Law School professor Lisa Ouellette suggests three possible reforms.

Stanford scholars react to the end of affirmative action

Anthony Lising Antonio, Ralph Richard Banks, David Grusky, Eujin Park, Sean Reardon, and C. Matthew Snipp consider the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling against race-conscious university admissions.

Stanford Law School —

The gap between male and female author-inventors

Male authors of biomedical research papers are named as inventors on patents more frequently than female authors, according to a study by a team of law and medical students.