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How World War I strengthened women’s suffrage

Times of crisis can be catalysts for political change, says Stanford legal scholar Pamela S. Karlan. For women activists in the early 20th century, the catalyst was World War I.

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Post-COVID courts

In a Q&A, Stanford law Professor David Freeman Engstrom and Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack of the Michigan Supreme Court discuss COVID-19’s challenge to our civil justice system.

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Stanford immigration experts on SCOTUS DACA decision

Immigration law experts Jayashri Srikantiah, the founding director of Stanford Law’s Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, and lecturer Lisa Weissman-Ward, a supervising attorney with the clinic, discuss the case and decision.

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Race and the death penalty

As questions about racial bias in the criminal justice system dominate the headlines, research by Stanford law Professor John J. Donohue III offers insight into one of the most fraught areas: the death penalty.