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Stanford Law School —

Hurdles for proposed cryptocurrency Libra

In a Q&A, Stanford Law School Professor Joseph Grundfest discusses plans by Facebook and partners to launch a new cryptocurrency.

Bill Lane Center for the American West —

Putting a tempest into a teapot

To ease the pain of new state rules, engineers are looking to harness an unconventional and unwieldy source of water: the torrential storms that sometimes blast across the Pacific Ocean and soak California.

What happens when schools go solar?

Rooftop solar projects at schools could reduce harmful air pollution, help the environment and enhance student learning while cutting electricity costs, a new study finds.

Ethics of autonomous weapons

Former Army Ranger and Pentagon official Paul Scharre discussed the ethics of autonomous weapons and the future of war at the annual Drell Lecture.

Stanford Law School —

Regulating online terrorist content

In a Q&A, experts from Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society discuss online extremism and new EU proposals regulating terrorist content.

Reassessing how to ‘waste not’

Recycling is becoming harder and more expensive in the U.S. and policymakers are increasingly seeking solutions to mounting trash. Stanford experts are reassessing how we create and dispose of waste.