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Data privacy: New EU laws coming in May

The European Union is expected to implement sweeping new data privacy laws in May. Albert Gidari, consulting director of privacy at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, explains the new regulations.

Examining the complexities of migration

Global migration is a complicated issue facing people all over the world. Stanford scholars are turning to critical, social scientific inquiry to better understand its complexities.

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Rolling back green energy standards?

Stanford Law Professor Deborah Sivas explains California’s waiver that allows it to set stricter fuel standards and the possibility of litigation to prevent the Trump administration’s new measures.  

Building the case for a California foreign policy

As California and other states and cities act on their own on the international stage, Stanford scholars explore how these sub-federal actors are shifting the laws that would otherwise limit their state authority in foreign affairs.

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Uber self-driving cars, liability and regulation

In the wake of the first fatality involving a self-driving car, law Professor Robert Rabin talks about the legal issues involved in autonomous vehicles.