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Finding fortitude from the diaries of a man who escaped slavery

As Juneteenth approaches, Stanford law Professor William Gould IV shares how the journals of his great-grandfather, who escaped slavery and fought against the Confederacy in the American Civil War, inspired him throughout his career and personal life.

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Stanford’s Mark Lemley on Epic Games case against Apple

Late in 2020, Epic Games sued Apple in federal court, charging that Apple is using the power of its App Store to stifle competition. After months of buildup in the media, the trial began last week. Stanford Law Professor Mark Lemley, a technology law expert, discusses the case and its wider implications.

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Stanford’s Lisa Ouellette on waiving COVID-19 vaccine patents

The U.S. government is facing pressure to support a proposal before the World Trade Organization (WTO) to suspend patents related to COVID-19 vaccines. Stanford Law Professor Lisa Larrimore Ouellette explains this patent waiver proposal and how it relates to efforts to expand global vaccination.

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Stanford’s Hank Greely on CRISPR people and designer babies

Stanford law Professor Hank Greely explains the science behind gene editing while telling the story of Chinese scientist He Jiankui’s experiment, and considers the future of human germline genome editing.

Derek Chauvin verdict important, but much remains to be done

Stanford scholars Hakeem Jefferson, Robert Weisberg and Matthew Clair weigh in on the Derek Chauvin verdict, emphasizing that while the outcome is important, much work remains to be done to bring about long-lasting justice.