Stories published in March, 2020

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Stanford Medicine —

Old human cells rejuvenated with stem cell technology

Old human cells can become more youthful by coaxing them to briefly express proteins used to make induced pluripotent cells, Stanford researchers and their colleagues have found.

COVID-19 in a world made ripe for pandemics

Emerging infectious diseases have become more likely – and more likely to be consequential – partly as a result of how people move around the planet and relate to the natural world.

New outbreak, familiar anxieties

Stanford historian Kathryn Olivarius discusses her research into antebellum New Orleans and how the yellow fever epidemic shaped the region economically and socially – at a devastating and deadly cost.

Stanford Program on Water, Health & Development —

Water and climate

Mismanagement, growing demand and climate change impacts, such as droughts and floods, strain limited water supplies around the world. Stanford researchers are developing innovative solutions that meet society’s water needs.

Is this the moment for universal basic income?

Stanford historian Jennifer Burns discusses how universal basic income could become a major discussion point in Washington, D.C., as policymakers respond to the economic blow of the coronavirus pandemic.