Stanford headlines for July 2012

Diagnosing the human condition: Stanford medical students add art, music and literature to studies
Q&A: Stanford expert on Mexico's presidential election
Fiction books give a boost to the brain, says Stanford professor
Stanford summit brings together leaders in social sciences
Stanford professor leads exploration of the work of actor, playwright Sam Shepard
Stanford students question scholars about a new era of Earth's history – the Anthropocene
A comedy set in an Indian restaurant in NYC opens Stanford summer film series
Book, movie and iPhone apps to start discussion about the value of art in ninth annual 'Three Books' program
Q&A: Stanford economist John Shoven on Social Security
Stanford extends child care financial assistance program to all full-time faculty
Bulging with pride: Directors' Cup success tests limits of Stanford's Hall of Fame room
Innovative Psychology One program celebrates 10 years of educating students, teaching fellows and faculty
Stanford's George Shultz on energy: It's personal
Hunting with fire appears to benefit Australia's small-mammal populations, say Stanford researchers
Stanford chemists synthesize compound that flushes out latent HIV
Stanford student-designed robots play games, make art, try to catch a toy helicopter
Health care reform: What does the Supreme Court ruling mean to Stanford employees?
Stanford researchers calculate global health impacts of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Stanford faculty is embracing online teaching opportunities
Lloyd B. Minor named dean of the Stanford School of Medicine
Stanford-SLAC team uses X-ray imaging to observe running batteries in real time
Stanford researcher maps melodies used in Holocaust to control prisoners
Marine reserves aid ecosystem recovery after environmental disasters, Stanford study finds
Stanford researcher to expand DNA database by adding Latin Americans
Stanford researchers produce first complete computer model of an organism
At Stanford's humanities camp, participants focus on critical thinking skills
Stanford scientists use microbes to make 'clean' methane
Design and mechanical engineering share a seat in Stanford's Product Realization Lab
Mary Elizabeth Magill named dean of Stanford Law School
Update: Seven undergraduates among dozens of Cardinal athletes competing in Olympic Games
Stanford-affiliated nonprofit sets standard for AIDS education
Lens turned on museum guards in new exhibit at Stanford's Cantor Arts Center
Project shows benefits of applying sex and gender analysis in research
Bernard Muir named athletic director at Stanford University
Q&A: Stanford terrorism expert Martha Crenshaw on Olympic security
Report of the president: Academic Council Professoriate appointments
Horses are the teachers in new Stanford Red Barn Leadership Program
Stanford's women's soccer lands starring role in launch of Pac-12 Networks
Stanford internship program aims to close the gap in science education
Climate change could open trade opportunities for some vulnerable nations, Stanford researchers say
New exhibition at Stanford's Cantor showcases the art of protest in 19th-century France
Stanford physicist wins $3 million fundamental physics prize