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Stanford solar car

Stanford takes energy research to the limits

Building a solar car is one way Stanford students and researchers are developing next-generation energy sources and improving efficiency.

Memorial in Poland stained with anti-Semitic vandalism / Jendrzej Wojnar/AP

Anti-Semitism in Europe reflects loss of values, historical awareness, says Stanford scholar

A surge in anti-Semitism in Europe is a stark reminder that prejudice against Jewish people is still a reality there today, say scholars.

Brain in head

Stanford engineer helps determine how the brain learns new tasks

Research by Stephen Ryu and colleagues reveals the neural basis for why learning new tasks can be difficult, and could lead to improved therapies for stroke and other brain injuries.

(l-r) Nitya Mani and Nancy Xu / Mike Abbott

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies offers challenging opportunities

Middle and high school students who participated in Stanford's pre-collegiate programs took courses taught by Stanford scholars and enjoyed life on the Farm.