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Educators and child talk in Rwanda, Africa

Reading in Rwanda

A new Stanford study delves into the reading climate in Rwanda and examines what methods work to foster literacy in rural Africa.

Man undergoing brain scan

Stanford scientists seek to map origins of mental illness

An interdisciplinary team of scientists has convened to map the origins of mental illnesses in the brain and develop noninvasive technologies to treat the conditions.  Video

L.A. teacher Brandon Cabezas

L.A. schools embrace different vision of history, with lessons from Stanford group

A Graduate School of Education team is coaching hundreds of L.A. teachers to encourage students to think like a historian.

researchers Linxiao Zhu, Shanhui Fan, Aaswath Raman / Norbert von der Groeben

Stanford engineers invent high-tech mirror to beam heat away from buildings into space

A new ultrathin multilayered material can cool buildings without air conditioning by radiating warmth from inside the buildings into space while also reflecting sunlight to reduce incoming heat.