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Professor Yi Cui

Stanford researchers seek 'Holy Grail' in battery design

The goal of a pure lithium anode is drawing closer to reality with the development of a protective layer of interconnected carbon domes.

Carla Shatz

Q&A: Stanford's Carla Shatz on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration

A national report on the value of interdisciplinary approaches in the sciences highlighted Stanford Bio-X as a model for success. Carla Shatz, the director of Stanford Bio-X, talks about the report's recommendations and the factors that have helped Bio-X shine.

political icons / Juli Hansen/Shutterstock

Stanford philosopher examines the legitimacy of political power

When applying ancient philosophic thought to contemporary issues like surveillance and health care reform, Stanford Humanities Center fellow Amanda Greene finds that claims to political legitimacy lie at the heart of many political debates.

doctor measuring patient's blood pressure / Alexander Raths/Shutterstock

U.S. suffers from lifespan inequality, says Stanford researcher

Stanford researcher Shripad Tuljapurkar found that a lifespan inequality gap continues in countries like the United States even while life expectancy is increasing. One reason is that America's mortality rate among young males is not getting better. Better access to health care would improve the situation.