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car smashed by falling debris /Stacy H. Geiken

Twenty-five years later: The legacy of the Loma Prieta quake at Stanford

Stanford remembers the earthquake that rocked the campus and spurred wealth of research aimed at reducing quakes' destruction.  Video  Slideshow

reunion balloons

Stanford alumni arrive Thursday for Reunion Homecoming

The "heart and soul" of the Oct. 23-26 event are class reunion parties and class panels in which alumni share real-life experiences. The annual gathering also features Dinner on the Quad and the 2014 Roundtable at Stanford.

Oscar Wilde

Stanford scholar reveals French cross-dresser's role in Oscar Wilde's legacy

An archival discovery by Stanford literary scholar Petra Dierkes-Thrun reveals how Wilde's close ties to a gender-bending Parisian publisher and her transnational network of queer artists helped ensure his posthumous fame.

man at a computer / Shutterstock/Blend Images

Scientific evidence does not support the brain game claims, Stanford scholars say

Sixty-nine scientists at Stanford University and other institutions issued a statement that the scientific track record does not support the claims that so-called "brain games" actually help older adults boost their mental powers.