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Students make adjustments to their small pilotless aircraft / Kurt Hickman

Stanford course gives students just 10 weeks to design, build and fly tiny 'rescue' aircraft

Unique engineering course draws students from across campus with its hands-on approach to creating pilotless aircraft.  Video

Non-recyclable coffee cup

A gentle reminder – and guidelines – from Stanford Recycling

As part of a collaborative effort by several campus departments, Stanford offers many ways for the campus community to minimize the amount of material sent to the landfill through its programs for reducing, reusing and recycling waste materials.

US-China meeting

Stanford expert describes how U.S., China can avoid conflict

Intense competition between the United States and China will be one of the significant global issues in the years to come. But Stanford international security fellow Karl Eikenberry says conflict is far from inevitable.

Gavin Jones

Stanford scholar sees failure as key element of success for famous American authors

English professor Gavin Jones finds that acclaimed 19th century authors solidified their place in the literary canon by embracing the imperfection of the human condition.