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textbooks and math symbols

Learn math without fear, Stanford expert says

Professor Jo Boaler says students most effectively learn "math facts" working on problems they enjoy, rather than through exercises and drills they fear. Timed testing and blind memorization damage children's experience of math, she says.

Carl Djerassi portrait / Photo: Chuck Painter

Carl Djerassi, Stanford professor and world-renowned chemist, dead at 91

In his long career, Stanford chemist Carl Djerassi excelled in science and the arts. He may be remembered most as the father of the birth control pill.

woman with child and elderly man on parkbench conversing / Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock

Human dispersal, evolution of languages show strong link, Stanford biologists find

In the largest comparison of genetic and linguistic data ever attempted, Stanford biologists find that features of language show a strong link to the geographic dispersal of human populations.

graduate student Jesse Gomez / L.A. Cicero

Face blindness predicted by differences in the brain, Stanford scientists discover

Differences in connectivity in the brain predict face blindness in adults, say Stanford neuroscientists. They plan to observe these surprising differences in children to discover how this visual deficit develops.