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Feeling lonely?

You’re far from alone. This new animated video from Stanford Medicine has tips for getting reconnected.

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The fallacy of sunk costs

It’s not always rational, but we tend to value something more when we’ve put a lot of time, money, or labor into it. Neuroscientists may have figured out why.

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How to talk to your doctor about antibiotics

When does an infection require a prescription? “Figuring that out is a lot more complicated than the layperson would anticipate,” says Stanford Medicine’s Alex Zimmet.

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Medicine’s AI boom

It’s a moment of high frenzy and immense opportunity. How to tell what has deep relevance and what’s just another round of futuristic noise?

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A veteran serving veterans

Constance Chu was one of the first women to attend West Point. Now she’s developing treatments for joint pain and leads the Sports Medicine program at the VA Palo Alto.

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This is how we dismantle race-based medicine

When racial biases reinforce false stereotypes in clinical decision-making algorithms, it leads to patient harm, says Stanford Medicine’s Tina Hernandez-Boussard.

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Gaming vaccine anxiety

At Stanford Medicine Children’s Health flu clinics, kids break virtual piñatas in a video game designed to ease their fears while getting a shot, and leave with a real prize.

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A cycle of violence, poor mental health, and HIV

Depression and emotional violence are key factors preventing young, HIV-positive women in Kenya from sticking with life-saving treatment, new research finds.