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Stanford Medicine —

Striking inequalities in maternal and infant health

Research by SIEPR’s Petra Persson and Maya Rossin-Slater finds wealthy Black mothers and infants in the U.S. fare worse than the poorest white mothers and infants.

Stanford Medicine —

Cell transplant cures mice of diabetes

A technique developed at Stanford Medicine allows mice with diabetes to accept unmatched islet cells and durably restores blood sugar control without immunosuppression or graft-versus-host disease.

STANFORD Magazine —

How to be a morning person

Sleep medicine specialist Rafael Pelayo insists that anyone can learn how to wake up earlier – and feel good about it.

Stanford Medicine —

Schrödinger’s COVID: Infected without testing positive?

What does it mean when you’re exposed to COVID-19 and develop symptoms, yet never test positive? Stanford Medicine’s Benjamin Pinsky discusses test reliability and what to do when your infection status is unknown.