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‘Anti-hunger’ molecule forms after exercise, scientists discover

Stanford Medicine researchers and collaborators identified a molecule that staves off hunger post-exercise, which helps explain how exercise results in weight loss and could hold the key to kick-starting the process in people with metabolic disease.

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Preventing the next pandemic from entering the U.S.

A panel that included Stanford experts looked at a COVID-19 screening and quarantine program developed for travelers coming into the U.S. and found outdated tech and inadequate staffing.

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Q&A: What to know about monkeypox

The monkeypox virus is normally endemic to Africa but has recently been found on other continents. It spreads through prolonged, direct contact with infected people or their bedding, clothing and towels.

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Bacteria that digest breast milk in decline

Stanford Medicine researchers and colleagues found that as nations industrialize, a species of bacteria critical in the early development of infant gut microbiomes fades away.

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Don’t vape that!

A Stanford Medicine study found that Americans are vaping substances never meant to be inhaled, including melatonin, essential oils, tea, vitamins, and caffeine.