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Drug limits allergic reactions

Accidental exposure to allergy-triggering foods can have life-threatening consequences for children with food allergies. A new treatment reduces the risk.

A new RNA editing tool could enhance cancer treatment

The new study found that an RNA-targeting CRISPR platform could tune immune cell metabolism without permanent genetic changes, potentially unveiling a relatively low-risk way to upgrade existing cell therapies for cancer.

Emerging issues that could trouble teens

Stanford Medicine’s Vicki Harrison explains the forces impacting youth mental health today, and why it’s so important to involve teens in solutions.

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The poetry of patient care

Second-year medical student Brian Smith has an abiding fascination with language and its power to help patients feel seen and heard. “Just being present and sitting down with a person can be day-changing or even life-changing.”

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A new look at ketamine

Ketamine is “a very weird drug” – and providers should be cautious in their excitement to prescribe it for a wide variety of conditions, the authors of a new Stanford Medicine study say.