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Stanford Engineering —

Better ways to build an airplane

In this episode of The Future of Everything, aeronautics expert Ilan Kroo discusses the fuels, materials, and technology that will enable a new generation of flying vehicles and transform the way we think of transportation.

Stanford Medicine —

People with disabilities take to the sky

A Stanford occupational therapist and a computer science student harness their experiences to help adapt spacecraft for use by all people.

Stanford HAI —

Designing ethical self-driving cars

Chris Gerdes, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering and co-director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, discusses the ethical dilemmas and exceptional driving situations that designers of automated vehicles must take into account.

Rethinking meat substitutes

Plant-based and lab-grown meat substitutes are here to stay, but are unlikely to eliminate livestock agriculture’s climate and land use impacts anytime soon, according to Stanford environmental scientist David Lobell.