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Stanford Law School —

Remembering Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court

The pioneering justice graduated from Stanford Law School in 1952 in the top 10% of her class but famously struggled to find employment because so few firms would hire women at the time. “It’s good to be first,” she would later say, of her responsibility as a trailblazer. “But you don’t want to be last.”

Hoover Institution —

America’s crisis of confidence

How the Hoover Institution’s new Center for Revitalizing American Institutions is addressing the erosion of public trust.

Stanford Law School —

Liquid asset

Fresh water markets under the eye of a public watchdog could ensure the best distribution of a dwindling resource, according to a new book by Buzz Thompson.

Plant-based menstrual pads could help alleviate period poverty

Researchers at Stanford have designed an open-source process for turning sisal fibers into absorbent material for menstrual pads, creating an opportunity for the local, sustainable manufacture of hygiene products that many communities need.

Big cities foster economic segregation

Cellphone data show that most people in big cities do not interact with others outside their own socioeconomic bracket, but locating meeting places between neighborhoods could help change that.

STANFORD magazine —

Policing for the people

Political science Professor Beatriz Magaloni can tell you which criminal justice reforms make communities safer in Mexico and beyond.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Learn to love small talk

Stanford GSB’s Matt Abrams has tips for making holiday party chit-chat less awkward, including how to begin and end a conversation gracefully.

Stanford Medicine —

The fallacy of sunk costs

It’s not always rational, but we tend to value something more when we’ve put a lot of time, money, or labor into it. Neuroscientists may have figured out why.