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Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute —

‘The biology is the disease’

Advances in the ability to detect Parkinson’s before symptoms arise are making scientists rethink their whole approach to the disorder.

Stanford HAI —

Getting granular about gentrification

An AI model that uses Google Street View to spot early signs of gentrification could one day help cities target anti-displacement policies more precisely.

Stanford Medicine —

Augmented reality in the OR

Stanford Medicine doctors are among the first to use a spatial computing headset to access multiple real-time data streams during surgery.

Stanford Engineering —

Rule makers, rule breakers

Michele Gelfand explains how the concept of “tight” and “loose” cultures plays out in global affairs, national politics, and your own household.

Hoover Institution —

New campus building honors Secretary Shultz

The Hoover Institution unveiled the George P. Shultz Building at a ribbon-cutting ceremony late last month, dedicating the structure to a statesman who exemplified public service and civility.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research —

California’s public charging infrastructure

Accessible charging stations are critical for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. A new policy brief outlines the roadblocks.

Stanford Law School —

Third millennium thinking

In a new book, Robert MacCoun presents the “inquisitorial approach of science” as one of our most powerful tools for making informed decisions in an increasingly complex world.