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Mangroves’ value

A new approach quantifies the value of mangrove forests in Belize for carbon sequestration, tourism, fisheries, and coastal protection, then uses the values to target conservation and restoration. The findings hold lessons for coastal countries looking for ways to balance climate goals with economic development.

Stanford Medicine —

Scientists get a new view of digestion

An ingestible device captures the most nuanced view yet of the microorganisms, viruses, proteins, and bile in the small intestine.

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence —

Assessing political bias in language models

Researchers develop a new tool to measure how well popular large language models align with public opinion to evaluate bias in chatbots.

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How diabetes drugs cause weight loss

The first in a two-part series looks at the science behind increasingly popular new diabetes drugs and whether they really are a golden ticket to weight loss.

Climate change in history textbooks

A new AI-driven analysis finds the most popular U.S. history textbooks used in California and Texas commonly misrepresent the scientific consensus around climate change.