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Expanding campus social life

Students and administrators are working together to find ways to expand social life on campus. Student Affairs plans to pilot proposals next quarter.

Stanford Law School —

SCOTUS excessive fines and forfeitures decision

In a Q&A, Stanford law Professor Robert Weisberg discusses the problem of civil forfeitures and excessive fines in the state and local criminal justice system and the potential impact of the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

Report of the president: Appointments and promotions

The following Academic Council Professoriate appointments, promotions and reappointments for the periods indicated were reviewed by the Advisory Board of the Academic Council and approved by the president.

Stanford extends warm welcome to visitors during Family Weekend

The annual Family Weekend, which will take place Feb. 22-23, opens Friday morning with a welcome address by Provost Persis Drell and closes late Saturday afternoon with performances by student ensembles during Entertainment Extravaganza!

What role should genetics research play in education?

Benjamin Domingue and Sam Trejo of Stanford’s Graduate School of Education warn that as genetics research expands into education, it mustn't undermine the massive role environments play in a child’s development and learning outcomes.