Stanford headlines for the week of March 2008

Sustainable Stanford
How Stanford's sustainability czar will mobilize the campus
New building to be hub for multidisciplinary studies
How Y2E2 slashes energy and water consumption
Two buildings paved way for Y2E2
Alumni couple Yang and Yamazaki promote sustainability at Stanford
Y2E2: New building sets sustainability standards for Stanford
Stanford to help new Saudi university in applied math, computer science
Yang, Yamazaki join president for dedication of 'green' building
Electronic tracking system allows scientists to tail white sharks more effectively
George Fredrickson, influential voice on race, racism, dies at 73
Conference to honor historian David Kennedy
Synthetic peptoids hold forth promise for new antibiotics
Stanford biologist Gretchen Daily awarded Sophie Prize
Honors & Awards
Igor Stravinksy’s 125th birthday to be celebrated on campus
Two-day conference to examine impact of female influx in science, engineering
Team of scientists go deep, armed with world’s best detectors of dark matter
Iran’s leading poet receives new Stanford literature prize
Faculty Senate to hear report on NCAA athletic certification process
Stanford Continuing Studies offers more than 100 spring courses, public events
Picture this
Breast cancer risk lingered after hormone therapy ended
Getting in the game pares weight gain in children
You're invited to Stanford-Menlo Park's open house
Summer intern program seeks labs to host teens
Mice with gene deletion provide clues to Prader-Willi, uncontrollable eating
5 Questions: Physicist wants dialog with religion
These surgeons don't have to worry about lawsuits if they make mistakes
More parking alternatives designated during construction
Changes made to prevent more e-mail accounts from becoming spam engines
Ph.D. Orals
Cardinal Chronicle
All booked
Author: Time is ripe for Stanford Dining’s sustainability efforts