Stanford headlines for May 2014

Contemporary artwork in spotlight at Stanford's engineering, science buildings

Stanford Classics in Theater ventures into Roman comedy

Stanford research reveals value of large animals in fighting disease

Senate to discuss Career Development Awards and lab safety culture today

Preliminary report to Faculty Senate on Stanford's lab safety culture seen as 'start' of a conversation

At Stanford, José Manuel Barroso touts stronger Europe

Exploring provocative ideas for undergraduate education at Stanford

Supreme Court's ruling expands air pollution control efforts, say Stanford scholars

Infusion of young blood recharges brains of old mice, Stanford School of Medicine study finds

Made at Stanford: A celebration of campus art and artists

Stanford to divest from coal companies

Stanford researchers identify strategies for 'remaking' Appalachia's polluted waterways

Five Stanford students and one alumna awarded 2014 Soros Fellowships for new Americans

Stanford's School of Engineering and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism announce 'Magic Grants' to transform the world of media

Stanford showcases Carleton Watkins' landscape photographs of the American West

Sanctions against Russia may inflict some pain, Stanford scholars say

Three Stanford staffers chosen for 2014 Amy J. Blue Awards for their extraordinary contributions

Faculty/staff discount rolled out for football season tickets

New school funding could transform California schools, say Stanford scholars

Stanford juniors to explore leadership in new September Studies program

Two Stanford professors elected to National Academy of Sciences

TEDxStanford presentations take audience 'above and beyond'

Stanford classicist reveals the positive side of war

Stanford panel debates: Does teaching ethics do any good?

Raise global awareness of child trafficking to stop it, Stanford scholar says

Stanford Live and Stanford Repertory Theater ramp up for summer

Coral reefs provide protection from storms and rising sea levels, Stanford research finds

Paper Void, Yeasayer open for veteran indie band Dispatch at Stanford's Frost Amphitheater

Stanford ChEM-H: Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health

Mark Urbanek, 'tireless in his dedication to accomplishment,' wins Amy J. Blue Award

Stanford historian describes teaching in the age of Google Glass

Stanford research leads to new understanding of how cells grow and shrink

Faculty Senate to hear reports today on graduate education, IT privacy, student life

Stanford studying career paths of PhD alumni, discussing IT privacy measures

New planet-hunting camera produces best-ever image of an alien planet, says Stanford physicist

Laurette Beeson, sympathetic and compassionate, firm and fair, wins Stanford's Amy J. Blue Award

Stanford engineer invents safe way to transfer energy to medical chips in the body

Stanford Online courses from all parts of campus are reaching millions of learners globally

Stanford Archaeologist Laura Jones celebrated as an innovative professional and trusted partner

New energy-saving facility boosts Stanford's computing prowess

'Tiger moms' vs. Western-style mothers? Stanford researchers find different but equally effective styles

Stanford research shows importance of European farmers adapting to climate change

How Stanford researchers, labs and programs focus spotlight on energy

Stanford poetry competition inspires high school students

Multicultural Springfest to celebrate diversity, longevity among Stanford's staff

Stanford, MIT scientists find new way to harness waste heat

Stanford researchers discover immune system's rules of engagement

Stanford scholars view Iberia's multicultural history through poetry

Stanford Dance Division breaks new ground with 'Construction Site'

Stanford's new Title IX coordinator focuses on listening, dialogue

Stanford honors longest-serving employees

Stanford honors staffers at 2014 Amy J. Blue Award ceremony

Solving big questions requires big computation

New Stanford first-year residential program focuses on the arts

Stanford historian sees new perspectives on Chinese border disputes in declassified Qing dynasty maps

European Union can overcome extremism vote, Stanford faculty say

Stanford physicist Andrei Linde awarded Kavli Prize in Astrophysics

Senate to hear presentation on Stanford's 2014-15 budget plan

Search committee appointed to find next Hoover Institution director

Stanford students host a Day of Solidarity with UC Santa Barbara

Stanford's 2014-15 budget plan reflects strong fiscal position, targeted spending decisions