Stanford headlines for March 2014

Newly discovered catalyst could lead to the low-cost, clean production of methanol, scientists say

Alejandro Zaffaroni, longtime friend of Stanford, deceased at 91

Stanford scholar: Grand strategy misguided in post-9/11 world

Report of the President: Academic Council Professoriate appointments

'Civil Rights Icons' series brings living participants of the movement to Stanford campus

Physicist Sir Michael Victor Berry delivers Stanford's annual Hofstadter Lectures

West needs to articulate Ukrainian interests, Stanford scholar says

Faculty Senate to discuss joint majors, state of the faculty, women in leadership

Knowledge is power when it comes to retirement planning, Stanford researcher shows

Successful Silicon Valley women star in Stanford video series urging young women to get into computing

Stanford's Folding@home simulates activation of key cancer protein, could lead to novel drug design

Former prime minister of Norway to visit Stanford as this year's Haas Center Distinguished Visitor

Stanford scientists brave the 'vomit comet' to improve astronauts' heart health

Women less represented in faculty, staff leadership ranks

Stanford to offer new undergraduate majors integrating humanities, computer science

Stanford scholar shows Koreans and Americans tackle moral dilemmas using different brain regions

Stanford research shows pitfalls of homework

Stanford lab yields new privacy-based social network

Stanford study shows glasses help Chinese children succeed

Stanford political scientist says conditions ripe for democratic growth in the 21st century

Stanford, Cal leaders explore perspectives on online learning

Stanford students show that phone record surveillance can yield vast amounts of information

Humanities scholars lauded at Stanford Humanities Center's 'Publication Celebration'

Stanford's Pan-Asian Music Festival marks a 10-year milestone, and keeps going

Stanford creates program to help veterans prepare for four-year universities

Stanford scientists develop technique for observing behavior of single molecules in real time

Brodie Hamilton looks back on the success of Stanford's alternative transportation programs

Stanford professor looks underwater for history of the Roman Empire

Economist Stanley Fischer tapped for $100K SIEPR award

New evidence from space supports Stanford physicist's theory of how universe began

Srinija Srinivasan, former executive at Yahoo, elected to Stanford's Board of Trustees

Trash to treasure: Stanford researcher tells a seafood story

Stanford engineers make flexible carbon nanotube circuits more reliable and efficient

Stanford Libraries online archive expands access to French Revolution treasures

Stanford professor maps by-catch as unintended consequence of global fisheries

Stanford's string quartet course warrants an encore

Stanford student project shows public benefit of expunging some criminal convictions

Wind farms can provide a surplus of reliable clean energy to society, Stanford study finds

Battle of the 'bots – a springtime rite of passage for Stanford mechanical engineering students

Michelle Obama underscores the importance of global education and beams into Stanford from Beijing

New Stanford facility will test water-recovery technology

Award-winning novelist, Stanford Professor Richard Powers finds inspiration in teaching, tech and trees

Students learning English benefit more in two-language instructional programs than English immersion, Stanford research finds

Art students showcase creative works during Stanford's Open Studios

Stereotypes can affect athletes' academic performance, Stanford researcher says

Good weather accelerates SESI pipe installation at Stanford

Stanford economist warns of Japanese fiscal crisis

Applications for the Class of 2018 set record at Stanford

Stanford scientists discover a protein in nerves that determines which brain connections stay and which go

Polls open for Advisory Board vote