Driver alert: New policies on Stanford-owned vehicles now in effect

If you drive a university-owned car, truck, golf cart or other vehicle, be aware that Stanford has revised and consolidated existing policies governing the acquisition, use and disposal of such vehicles.

Here are highlights of the revised policies, which are outlined in Administrative Guide Memos 85.1 and 85.2:

  • Keys to university vehicles must be securely stored. 
  • Detailed sign-out records for university vehicles must be maintained.
  • All drivers who operate vehicles in connection with official university activities must agree in writing to abide by the vehicle use policy and the controlled substances and alcohol policy (Guide Memo 23.6).
  • All drivers should be at least 21 years old. When a driver is not 21, an effort should be made to find one who is. If one can't be found, someone who is 18 or older can drive as long as the relevant academic or business unit has granted permission.
  • A "local fleet manager" will be appointed by each department to ensure compliance with the vehicle policies.
  • Departments must collaborate with the Fleet Garage when acquiring new university vehicles.
  • Local fleet managers must adhere to established schedules for preventive maintenance.  

Please download and review the What's New section of the Administrative Guide and Admin Guide Memos 85.1 and 85.2 for additional changes to the policies. Also, please check out to learn more about the policies, view vehicle selection criteria and get answers to frequently asked questions. 

All told, there are more than 1,500 university-owned vehicles at Stanford. They include:

  • 749 sedans, pickups, vans and coupes
  • 417 electric carts
  • 112 light equipment vehicles, including lawn aerators, sweepers and riding mowers
  • 74 heavy equipment vehicles, including a 70-foot boom truck used for tree care, a storm drain and sewer maintenance truck, and a tow truck.
  • 69 trailers
  • 47 buses
  • 44 gas carts

For answers on acquiring or maintaining university vehicles, email Mitch Bousson, architectural trades & fleet manager, Building Maintenance Department, at

For information on disposing of university vehicles, please contact Stan Dunn, assistant director, Property Management Office, at

For all other questions, please contact Susan Weinstein, assistant vice president for business development, at