Stanford headlines for November 2011

Drell to step down as SLAC laboratory director

New social media? Same old, same old, say Stanford experts

StanfordNYC is one of seven proposals for a new applied sciences campus in New York City

Conjoined twins successfully separated at Packard Children's Hospital

Stanford scholar Weinstein reflects on shaping Obama's foreign policy

Graduate School of Business launches institute to alleviate poverty with $150 million gift

Stanford Graduate School of Business launches institute to alleviate poverty with $150 million gift

At Stanford's Cantor Arts Center, dancers bring Rodin to life

Potential for odd outcomes in San Francisco mayoral election with ranked-choice voting system, says Stanford mathematician

PG&E detects leak during pressure test

World-renowned Georges Lavaudant directs Our Town at Stanford

Two staff members to receive Marshall D. O'Neill Awards for outstanding contributions to Stanford's research mission

Heideh Fattaey, 'the soul of Bio-X,' to receive 2011 Marshall D. O'Neill Award

Faculty Senate to meet Thursday

Bettye Price, the 'life and soul' of the Biology Department, to receive 2011 Marsh O'Neill Award

E. coli could convert sugar to biodiesel at 'an extraordinary rate,' say Stanford researchers

Senate hears annual report on diversity in graduate education

At Stanford, Kofi Annan warns of worldwide hunger, political unrest if climate change persists

Football fever comes to the Farm

Lightning-fast, efficient data transmission developed at Stanford

Celebrating transformative philanthropy - the 10th anniversary of the Hewlett Foundation's $400 million gift to Stanford

Stanford's latest iPhone and iPad apps course now free to the world on iTunes U

President of Portugal talks innovation, European debt crisis in Stanford speech

Former ambassador to Italy talks about Berlusconi, Monti and cutting the Italian debt

What's next for Italy? Former ambassador and Stanford trustee sheds light on Silvio Berlusconi, Mario Monti and the Italian debt

Two-pronged advising system helps students navigate academic life from the start

Sorting out the nanotubes, for better electronics

A squid mystery in Mexican waters is unraveled by a Stanford biologist and a class of biology students

New Stanford software takes Folding@home's biological research to supercomputers

Stanford holds off Cal to win the Big Game 31-28

Peruvian villagers shown how to protect adobe buildings from earthquake collapse

Five from Stanford named Rhodes Scholars

Two Stanford students and five alumni will begin graduate studies this fall as Rhodes and Mitchell scholars

Stanford research on nutrition influences policy changes in China

Nanoparticle electrode for batteries could make large-scale power storage on the energy grid feasible, say Stanford researchers

Copenhagen: Stanford play examines what may have happened when two of the world's foremost physicists met in the dark hours of World War II

One Stanford student and one alumnus awarded 2012 Marshall Scholarships

Enticing words printed on bags of potato chips have a lot to say about social class, Stanford researchers find

Grassroots effort helps shape future IT community at Stanford