Those who ride Stanford's free Marguerite shuttle system will see major changes to most routes starting Tuesday, March 1

Stanford University will undertake the first major overhaul of its free shuttle system in decades. On March 1, riders will see major route and service changes, schedule and stop adjustments, and additional "Limited" service for morning and afternoon peak commutes.

Stanford University is announcing major changes to its Marguerite shuttle system, which provides free shuttle service to more than 1.4 million riders a year on 43 Stanford-owned buses, including two new diesel-electric hybrid buses. Stanford's Marguerite buses travel along 15 routes and 183 stops. Most of these routes and schedules along with some stops will change come Tuesday, March 1.

"Since the university's shuttle is free and open to the public, members of the community may want to be aware of these changes in advance, including those who ride Stanford's Marguerite shuttles to Stanford Hospital and Clinics, to the Veterans Affairs Hospital, to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, to Palo Alto High School, to Stanford Shopping Center and, of course, to Stanford University," said Jean McCown, director of community relations.

In a recent announcement to faculty, staff and students, the university highlighted routes undergoing the most significant changes: Marguerite shuttle Lines A, B, C, VA, Medical Center Loop, Palm Drive Express and Midnight Express. The university also noted time and stop changes for the Shopping Express, SLAC, Line S, Research Park and Medical Center to 1050 Arastradero routes.

"The route changes are being implemented after two rounds of review by the Stanford community. The changes are being made to increase route efficiency and on-time performance, reduce associated vehicle emissions and reduce operational costs while maintaining or improving levels of service for most routes," said Brodie Hamilton, director of Parking and Transportation Services (P&TS). "The feedback we received in 2010 helped shape the changes we are implementing on March 1."

Hamilton recommends visiting Stanford's Parking and Transportation Services website to become familiar with the new routes and schedule details. He notes that printed versions of the new Marguerite Shuttle System Map and Schedules are available on Marguerite buses and in the P&TS office.

For those who need assistance planning their trips using Stanford's new Marguerite shuttle system, the university offers a commute planning assistance request form. Those interested may also send an email to or call (650) 723-9362.