Stanford headlines for March 2010

All Stanford students, staff, faculty safe in Chile following Saturday's earthquake

Astronomically large lenses measure age, size of the universe

Scientists first to identify wide variety of genetic splicing in embryonic stem cells

Retelling the history of New Mexico's Native Americans

Faculty Senate to meet on Thursday

George Dekker, scholar of British and American literature, dies at 75

Stanford dancers delve into the physics of falling

Steven Chu to speak on clean energy at Stanford student event

Top Obama adviser encourages Stanford students to follow path of public service

Senate will form a committee to study future role of ROTC on campus

James Porterfield, GSB finance professor and market expert, dead at 89

'How I Write' series offers insights into how great writers work

Wealthier countries 'outsource' their carbon emissions to developing nations, a new study finds

The President's Awards for Excellence Through Diversity

U.S. poet laureate Kay Ryan speaks, teaches at Stanford

Waving the banner of energy revolution: U.S. Secretary of Energy speaks on green technology and climate change

Stanford research shows Silicon Valley land conservation didn't hurt housing development

Stanford dance performance mixes it up, hip hop to classical

Behavior of single protein observed in unprecedented detail by Stanford chemists

SIEPR's new home to be dedicated on March 11

Molecule tells brain cells to grow up, get to work, study shows

Stanford students reach local community with designs to help people with disabilities

University planning bond issue

Scientists win $1 million for physics research

New SIEPR building dedicated amid hopes to 'encourage better economic policy around the world.'

White House adviser Lawrence Summers outlines 'six imperatives' for financial regulation

Joachim Stöhr to deliver the 2010 Robert Hofstadter Memorial Lectures April 12-13

Working to protect Stanford's good name

Cardinal women win Pac-10 basketball tournament crown

Computational feat speeds finding of genes to milliseconds instead of years

New report reveals the environmental and social impact of the 'livestock revolution'

Urban CO2 domes increase deaths, poke hole in 'cap-and-trade' proposal, Stanford researcher says

Stanford advises students to heed government travel warnings

From volcanoes to cancer cures, stimulus funds support a wide range of research at Stanford

Q&A: Stanford's Dr. Jay Bhattacharya explains the health reform bill

Humanities scholars put Afghanistan in cultural context

Stanford advances vastly expand versatility of optogenetics brain-research technique

Far-reaching survey measures satisfaction with administrative services

'Arcade' traces the life cycle of an idea – from blog to book

Stanford claims bragging rights to six scholars named Soros Fellows in 2010

Scientist studies emotion in psychology, art and acting to help autistics

Stanford health researcher follows the money to Africa

From one jazz legend to another: Christian McBride to celebrate Herbie Hancock on March 31

Campus basks in the rites of spring

Shelley, Stanford's robotic car, goes before the cameras

Stanford extends admissions offers to Class of 2014

Coupa Café opens library kiosk

Pohlen's buzzer beater propels Stanford to third straight Final Four

Stanford engineering professor returns from Haiti and Chile resolved to improve earthquake construction education

Exploring ways to economically reclaim and reuse treated wastewater