Stanford makes organizational changes

Stanford’s chief of police and chief purchasing officer will each report to a new boss starting Jan. 1 as a result of changes to the university’s organization announced this week.

Neither reassignment is related to the university’s budget-cutting response to the national and global economic downturn, said Randy Livingston, the university’s chief financial officer.

Laura Wilson, a Stanford alumna who was sworn in as police chief in 2002, will report to Debra Zumwalt, the university’s general counsel. Currently, Wilson reports to Livingston, who is also the vice president for business affairs.

Wilson oversees the Department of Public Safety, which has about six-dozen, full-time employees, including 33 police officers.

“The Department of Public Safety used to report to the General Counsel, and moving it back to that reporting relationship is, in part, a recognition of the important legal function it provides—law enforcement on campus—and of the fact that a number of the issues it must deal with are related to interpretation and application of the law,” Zumwalt said. “I have enjoyed working with the department in the past and I look forward to working together more closely in this new relationship.”

Chief Purchasing Officer Stuart Davis, who began working at Stanford in 2007, will report to Livingston. Currently, Davis reports to Tim Warner, the university’s vice provost for budget and auxiliaries management.

Davis oversees an office with more than two-dozen employees who identify, select, acquire, store, distribute, and/or purchase materials and services for all university departments.

Livingston said the reassignment would allow the purchasing department to more closely align and integrate its services with those of related central administrative units, such as the Controller’s Office, the Office of Research Administration and Administrative Systems.

“We are aspiring to deliver a streamlined purchasing-to-payables experience for clients across the university, and a single, integrated support capability,” Livingston said. “This capability will be facilitated by having all of these units in the same organization.”