Faculty projects in humanities win presidential grants

The Presidential Fund for Innovation in the Humanities has announced grant recipients for the second year of this three-year pilot program. Two projects—"Mapping the Republic of Letters" and "Tooling Up for Digital Histories"—each will receive $60,000 a year for three years of research.

"Both projects represent welcome innovations in research and scholarship in the humanities at Stanford," said Stephen Hinton, senior associate dean in the School of Humanities and Sciences. "Mapping the Republic of Letters" will delve into the history of one of the founding institutions of European thought through a new interactive website featuring online publications. Principal investigators are Dan Edelstein, assistant professor of French, and Paula Findlen, the Ubaldo Pierotti Professor of History.

"Tooling Up for Digital Histories" illustrates how research by scientists and humanists can be complementary, as scholars from each area will work to document California's environmental history. Principal investigators are Richard White, the Margaret Byrne Professor in American History, and Pat Hanrahan, the Canon USA Professor in the School of Engineering.

"These collaborative, multidisciplinary projects will undertake research that no individual scholar could attempt alone, and will exemplify new intellectual approaches and associations for humanities scholars," said John Bender, director of the Stanford Humanities Center.

The grants were awarded by a multidisciplinary committee co-chaired by Bender and Hinton.