Stanford headlines for the week of March 14, 2007

Scientists conduct first simultaneous tagging study of deep-diving predator, prey

Dorfan to step down as SLAC director after nearly 8 years

Global effort to provide poorest with basic sanitation slow going

Big crowd attends farewell lecture of Philip Zimbardo

New form of matter-antimatter transformation observed for first time

Honors & Awards

Cosmologist speaks of mind-bending dynamics behind the inflationary universe

From the depths of debt, KQED’s Kornbluth discovers a link between love, taxes

Computer science troubles lie in education, not jobs, according to Eric Roberts

Times reporter describes state of U.S. war effort in Iraq

Summer group photography not permitted on the steps leading to Memorial Court

Electron dance: Physicists tailor magnetic pairings in nanoscale semiconductors

Insight on fruit fly immune system could lead to new types of human vaccines, researchers say

Glaucoma diagnosis may be mistaken in some younger Chinese people

Group therapy starts for teens with depression

Drama to probe ethics of memory, soul, genetics

Stanford community remembers Larry Mathers

Former dean Clayton Rich, man of principles, dies at 82

Media monitor

Stanford grad students make science come alive for kids at 49ers Academy

A broad-based team of Stanford researchers aims to overhaul the Internet

Faculty Senate minutes - March 8, 2007 meeting

Exhibit showcases fine press books by California printers

Summary of Actions Taken in Administrative Session of the Steering Committee


Aging patterns threaten economic and political well-being

Cardinal Chronicle