Stanford headlines for the week of August 22, 2007

Friends and family bid farewell to Bill Walsh during service at Memorial Church

Editor of Science on how pork-barrel politics harms research funding

Los Angeles Times reporter wins Risser Prize for environmental journalism

Fliegelman, leading scholar in American literary, cultural studies, is dead at 58

Stanford initiatives to be presented at environmental journalism conference

Environmental journalism at the crossroads

Eco-friendly buildings are big step toward shrinking Stanford's carbon footprint

Transforming ivory towers to eco-versities

Panel to discuss quest for eco-friendly fuels, conservation

California's marine protection areas: a science-based investment in conservation

Q&A with Gretchen Daily, Woods Institute fellow and professor of biological sciences

Research roundup: Environmental solutions from Stanford

Stanford team puts campus on map; wins Google Earth 3-D modeling contest

School of Medicine extends smoking ban to outdoor zones

Restoring sandstone

Renowned radio astronomer and imaging pioneer is dead at 86

Nancy Hofstadter, widow of Nobel laureate in physics, is dead at 87

Vantage Point: Moving in the right direction and in the right way

Fall Continuing Studies program includes courses, public lectures, film festival

Hennessy travels to South America on government education mission

Study: Forest protection works in Peru

Robotic car ‘Junior’ one step closer to qualifying for Urban Challenge race

Stanford will help faculty, staff quit tobacco use

Case management can cut medical risks and cost

Rizk-y business: Himalaya trek leads doc to rescue

Seeking everyday heroes

X-ray art exhibit shows terror's human impact

Writing is thrilling, but he'd like a nap

Radiosurgeon named to new endowed professorship

Researchers seek volunteers for study on type-2 diabetes and TB infection

Medical student's device named finalist in competition

Study gives hope transplant patients could live free of anti-rejection drugs

Medical center people

Pull a muscle that won't heal? Culprit is weakened signals to stem cells


William Saroyan International Prize for 2008 linked with writer’s centennial

Ph.D. Orals

Incentives for vanpools are many, including increased subsidy

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