Stanford headlines for the week of September 13, 2006

City College of New York administrator headed to Farm as new dean of students

Patricia Gumport tapped for new position of vice provost for graduate education

Stanford Schools Corporation opens new local elementary school

University will return to bargaining table today with SEIU Local 715

Former university general secretary Daryl Pearson dead at 87

Negotiations between university and union end with a win-win agreement

University and union reach agreement

An artificial cornea is in sight, thanks to biomimetic hydrogels

Health-care plan options changing, along with new benefits and rules, for 2007

New policy limits drug industry access

Melvin Schwartz, Nobel Prize winner in physics, dead at 73

Honors & Awards

Variety of orientation events planned

New online alcohol education program seeks to reduce risks for new students

Global climate changes may alter the timing of plant growth, scientists say

Federal approval sought for habitat conservation plan

Vantage Point: University offers competitive benefits and salaries

$25 million gift for bench-to-bedside research

More than pretty faces for brain region, study finds

Free clinics looking for physicians to volunteer

Celiac sprue conference takes place Sept. 16

Medical center people

Study of manatee bones offers new insights into evolution

Quick study: Death probes

5 Questions: DeAngelis on conflicts of interest

Stethoscopes, studying, donuts: Student blogs record first days of school

Continuing education ready to start fall classes

Media monitor


Ph.D. Orals

Cardinal Chronicle

Hitchhiker’s guide to the valley

University places Stanford Band on indefinite provisional status