Stanford headlines for the week of November 16, 2005

Hormone finding offers new hope for obesity drug

New microscope allows scientists to track a functioning protein with precision

Musical training helps language processing, studies show

Gore encourages business students to 'be the change'

Matson honored with Lyman service award

Road to prosperous life brings Arthur Bienenstock full circle

Hurricane Katrina discussion raises more questions than answers on race, class

CNN correspondent to join Confronting Katrina panel

War-torn Afghanistan yearns to join family of nations, ambassador to U.S. says

How to encourage security-patch use

Anne T. and Robert M. Bass to give $30 million to Graduate School of Business

Newsstand: Stanford Business

Faculty senate meets this evening

Seed grants for cardiovascular work

Troubling data on treatment of adolescent depression

New pediatric ER to host open house

Rheumatic diseases increase risks in pregnancy

An end to deafness? New professor's research looks to ear drops, stem cells

More evidence of association between bipolar disorder and artistic creativity

Aspirin-a-day advice unheeded by those who most need it

Medical center people

Kenneth Arrow selected as National Medal of Science winner

Globalization of corporations means new challenges for promoting managers

Economists’ report cautions individual investors on hidden risks of hedge funds

Faculty Senate minutes - November 10, 2005 meeting

Future of energy, environment focus of series

Ph.D. Orals


Cardinal Chronicle

McClelland honored for efforts to ensure research compliance

Sebbard honored for support, fundraising

IT Services to host workshops on Macromedia applications