Stanford headlines for the week of March 16, 2005

Ocean ecosystems plagued by agricultural runoff

Section of Santa Cruz Avenue to remain closed until Nov. 30

Ford promoted to senior vice president for university resources

Jasper Ridge preserve staff strike balance amid beauty

'Hardball College Tour' brings Gov. Schwarzenegger to Farm

Honors & Awards

Formichelli 'avoids the main point' of plagiarism comments

Chemical engineer speeds antibiotic synthesis with bacterial factories, DNA chips

Brzezinski assesses Asia

Interdisciplinary panel to explore mechanics of addiction at March 30 event

Strategic plan to strengthen ties between Jasper Ridge preserve, main campus

Schwarzenegger appearance a magnet for throng of protesters, some supporters

Engineers study whether plasmonics, 'light on a wire,' is circuitry wave of future

Merce Immersion

In big firms, high salary for CEOs does not necessarily reflect high performance

Setbacks, criticism inevitable part of entrepreneurial experience, speakers say

Pizzo calls for 'revolution' in U.S. health-care system

Undiagnosed anemia common with chronic illness

Hospital honored for patient safety

Faculty senate to convene today

Dancing with data adds to the show

5 Questions: Cohen on epidurals and labor

Study under way of fatal lung disease

Medical center people

Media monitor

Gift from the dead leaves doctors grateful

Ph.D. orals


Deadline Monday for Continuing Studies courses

Hoover exhibits coordinator to retire

Looking backward, thinking forward

Cardinal Chronicle

Yanofsky honored